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Posted by Laura from ( on sábado, enero 25, 2003 at 12:55:02 :

Maybe now is a good time to announce something I am so thrilled about and that has grown in good part out of the wonderful support arising from this board. Members of the community of La Barra de Potosi have formed a Private Non-Profit organization whose purpose is to benefit the children of La Barra. It's name is Ninos Encantados of La Barra de Potosi! (this name is pending finalization of the paperwork which the notary promises me will be done before I return on Feb 3).

We will continue to develop our activities in three areas (education, health and economic development of their families). This will include support for the schools, the health clinic and of course the Children's Library! We will also be organizing workshops like the ones we have been enjoying so much with our visiting friends and more. I promise to get up the website I am making on this during these days I'm visiting up in the north (much easier internet access!).

We plan to be linked to Citylights Foundation as our umbrella org in the States though this must wait until Sept of this year. It may be necessary to have this link I am learning in order for the donations deposited in the States to be tax deductible for donors. Perhaps we can also link to another US Pri non-profit in the meantime (such as the new one Zihuateco is thinking of forming). I don't know yet what will be advisable as far as for our Canadian donors. But we are working on finding that out.

More very soon on this exciting and gratifying project. We invite your participation... in fact you are the vital lifeblood of a very positive and growing new way of interaction between locals and tourist visitors. Many, many thanks!

Hasta pronto,

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