Trip report Day 7.

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Posted by Dee from MN from ( on domingo, febrero 02, 2003 at 23:19:02 :

I had just sat down to start writing this report on Saturday morning, when I learned of the Columbia space shuttle disaster. Needless to say, my mood turned immediately and even now, a day and a half later, I am finding it hard to reproduce the enthusiasm which I felt on our vacation. Maybe remembering and writing will help.

Friday was the last full day of our trip, as we were told by our travel rep stationed in Irmaís lobby that we would be picked up at 10AM the next day for our ride to the airport.

We thought about various places we had not yet been, but decided that really all we wanted to do was relax on the beach. So Friday was mostly a replay of our Sunday and Tuesday activities on La Ropa. First to Casa Cafť for breakfast, -- they were all out of bagels, as the demand was greater than anticipated, and according to the owner, bagels are hard to come by in Zihua. But we "made do" with two orders of french toast, 2 juices, a small fruit plate and coffee for around 130 P. Then back up the hill to Irma to pack for the beach. I hear a lot of complaints about walking up that hill. I certainly did my share of huffing and puffing by the time I reached the top. But unless you have a heart condition or bad knees, look on it as a great way to lose the weight you will be putting on from the great meals you will have in Zihua. I only wish I had an opportunity in my daily routine at home, to walk in such quaint and beautiful surroundings, maybe Iíd be able to lose those extra 25 pounds!

The day at La Ropa was lazy and uneventful. Has anyone else experienced the phenomenon of eating less and less as your trip progresses? I am guessing that the unaccustomed heat forces your body to finally realize you donít need all those extra calories that those of us going into semi-hibernation in the north country tend to pack on. We found that we could easily share one order of lunch and be satisfied til supper. And we were not consciously trying to pinch pennies Ė the food was great, but we didnít need the volume! Our modest total for the day at La Perla only came to 90P for one order of club sandwiches, and 4 soft drinks.

La Ropa beach, in front of La Perla restaurant.

We usually stayed on the beach til 4:30 or 5PM. A few local children would always be swimming near the rocks by Casa que Canta late in the day. Even on weekdays, there might be a small crowd by the time we walked home on the beach.

Some even had water toys we had never seen before, like this giraffe!

I have heard reports that there are some fish to see when snorkeling among the rocks in this area, but we didnít manage to stop and do it in the morning, when the light would have been best. By evening we were out of the mood, knowing we had the "Canta" hill and street march yet to do. This rocky tide pool area is a popular place to wash the sand off your feet before putting street shoes or sandals back on.

By the time we got back to our room, showered and rested, it was sundown, a perfect peaceful time to watch the last of the activity on Madera beach. Everything is suffused with a pearly pinkish gray glow as the night lights begin to come on. The romantic view from our balcony and room was always a perfect way to end the day, and we always stayed in our room til dark so we wouldnít miss it. ;-)

This generally made our walk to town for supper around 7:30 or 8:00, which is the reason we never found the board party at Danielís on that Friday. I needed to do some last minute internetting for our return the next day, so I sent Jim to scout out Danielís to see what was going on. He returned saying that he did not see Travel Judy anywhere, and couldnít positively identify any group of people that looked like board partygoers. Guess we should have been there at 5:30!

We decided to go back to Pollo Loco for another of their great grilled chicken dinners. Two chicken dinners, with one soda and two beers was 120 P. The restaurant was full, and we were lucky to get a table that had just opened up by the street. There is a large painted sign on their inner work counter that said "No expedimos facturas" -- does that mean we donít take checks, or we donít give checks? Or do I have it all wrong and itís a joke of some kind?

After supper it was time to pick up some last minute souvenirs. In retrospect I should have spent more time at the artisans market during the day so I could have had a better look around. Iím not really a willing shopper, unless I have something special already in mind. By the time I spotted some things I was interested in, it was too late to do much comparison shopping, so I just bought at the first shop I was in. Actually went home with very little this trip Ė 5 tee shirts, vanilla, mezcal (not from the mezcal man unfortunately) and 3 ceramic items, a tilted draining soap dish (should have bought several, works better than any I had at home) a spoon rest, and my favorite thing -- a large clay turtle whistle. One more stop to make Ė to Globís for some more of their ice cream before heading home to turn in for the night.

Day 8 to follow Ė odds and ends and flying home.

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