Day 8 -- Odds and ends and flying home *PICS*

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Posted by Dee from MN from ( on martes, febrero 04, 2003 at 21:40:19 :

Since we didnít have time to do much Saturday morning besides eat breakfast and pack, there isnít anything I really want to say about that. Instead, here is a list of things we regret not having time to do on this trip:

Take a boat (or walk) for snorkeling to Playa Contramar -- quick and easy by boat, difficult by foot.
Take a boat for snorkeling to Playa Manzanillo - 1/2 to full day trip including fishing.
Snorkle from the far south end of La Ropa parallel to the rock path to Las Gatas.
Walk up to the lighthouse behind Las Gatas.
Take a day trip to the north end of Troncones, Manzanillo Bay area (did the mid to south end last trip)
Have an evening dinner at Casa Bahia.
Go back to Tamales y Ayatoles Any for another meal.
Eat at many more of the local spots in town.

There are a few questions that periodically resurface on the board, so here is my input on a few.

Walking to Las Gatas. Yes you can. But you need good shoes and good balance. Here is an example of the type of terrain you will be walking over. (These are pics from our previous trip.)

Day trips to Troncones. Pick a beach bar/restaurant to headquarter at, and you can stash your stuff with them while you wander up and down the beach. We took a taxi to the Tropic of Cancer Beach Club, had a nice lunch and use of their pool and facilities. Anita and her staff were good to us.

We walked up as far as Las Tortugas Bed and Breakfast Ė not sure if they are still in business. The open ocean here has a different energy from La Barra de Potosi. Both areas are beautiful, itís really apples and oranges. There are stretches of open beach, interspersed with outcroppings of rock or coral.

If you are staying in Zihua, and want a quick trip to see Ixtapa, you can taxi or bus over to Playa Palmar, the main beach with most of the big hotels. We had the taxi drop us off at the Krystal Hotel, and we marched in like we belonged there, through the reception area out to the beach. Ixtapa does have a beautiful beach, and the islands fronting it have a primeval ancient look to them.

After strolling the beach for a while, we had lunch at one of the hotel beach restaurants closet to the south end. Donít know the name, but it may have been an all-inclusive, as no one else coming in seemed concerned about paying. There may have been a buffet. We had no trouble ordering off the menu or paying by credit card. Anyone recognize where this is?

And I just picked up my Ixtapa Island disposable underwater camera pics today. Here are a couple of fish you might see there.

Our flight home was uneventful, except for having to make an unscheduled 1 hour stop in Houston to refuel due to unusually strong headwinds. But the captain informed us of this immediately upon boarding the plane, so it was not a surprise landing. We had a near cloudless flight, and as I had the window seat (again) I had a marvelous view of the changing landscape of Mexico. The mountains are so rugged and impressive.

Does anyone know what dormant volcano this might be? It seems to have a platform or building on the top, so obviously has not been active for some time. Was wondering if it might be an astronomical observatory. Given my estimate on our flight path, Iíd guess this is northwest of Mexico City.

My guess on this large lake or reservoir, is that it is Lago de Cuitzeo near Morelia. Does that seem right to the experts?

Both of these landmarks would have been in a straight flight path between Zihua and Houston. Between looking out the window, and writing out the first half of my trip report, the flight back to Minneapolis seemed much faster than the 5 hours it turned out to be. Oh Ė someone just asked about flight food Ė Champion served only some fish shaped pretzels and drinks. We had some granola bars along going down, and a couple of fresh plain bread baguettes from a Zihua bakery on the way back. Ate them all up before going though US customs, where we were "randomly" pulled aside for more thorough inspection by the Agriculture department inspector who rummaged through all our bags.

So thatís it! End of another most enjoyable trip for us, and we hope to return to Zihua again.

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