Trip report Day 9 - Dec 21 to Jan 5

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Posted by David(in Bellingham) from ( on miťrcoles, febrero 05, 2003 at 20:05:37 :

Day 9 Ė

After the previous nightís drinking activities, I was happy to be able to sleep in, so I didnít get up until about 10:00. I wasnít sure what my friends Mark and Kait were going to do, and they werenít up yet, so I decided I was due for a beach day. (As a side note, I found out the next day that Mark and Kait ended up a Playa Larga too about two restaurants down the beach)

When Iím ready to hang out at the beach all day, I like to head down to Playa Larga. Itís never as crowded as the beaches in town, itís an ocean beach so it has better waves, but itís much easier to get to than La Barra de Potosi or Troncones. In my opinion, itís the best beach day trip in the area.

When Iím ready to go, I jump in a cab and start haggling over the fare. When Iím going to Playa Larga from Centro in Zihuat, Iím usually happy if I can get the fare down to $60 pesos. Today we settle on $50 pesos and we head out. If you know when you want to head back to town, you can make arrangements for the cab to come back and pick you up. Otherwise, youíll have to get someone at one of the restaurants to call a cab for you when youíre ready to leave, or just hitch a ride back to town.

I hang out at the restaurant Cuatro Hermanos (4 Brothers) when Iím at Playa Larga. Armando the owner always takes great care of me. Today, I have a few glasses of juice (to rehydrate from the previous nightís drinking) and read a book under a palapa.

The waves looked pretty calm today (3 to 5 feet), but theyíre big enough to ride, so I decided to do some bodysurfing for a while. I havenít found any truly great bodysurfing beaches in the Zihuat area, but you can usually catch some decent rides at Playa Larga. The waves here do tend to slide right over without much of a curl, so you do need some experience with these type of waves to keep from getting ďcrunchedĒ(landing head first on the beach). Today Iím getting a pretty consistent ride, but nothing spectacular.

After the body surfing, Iím ready for some lunch. Cuatro Hermanos serves the best pozole in the are, but they still only serve it on the traditional day (Thursday). Today I decided on the seafood stew. This is a great meal, and the stew has fresh snapper, sailfish, octopus, shrimp, squid, and a couple of other types of fish and shellfish that I couldnít identify. This would be a great dish for two people to split. I ate for about an hour and half, and I only finished a little over half of what they served me. This is the most expensive item on the menu at $65 pesos. Armando the owner offered me some mescal to aid in digestions (on the house of course). I took it, because I like Senor Gunnysackís mescal, but Iím still not convinced that it actually helps with digestion.

I spent the rest of the day hanging out, reading, occasionally bodysurfing, having a few beers, and just relaxing.

At about 5:00, I decided to head for home. I asked them to call a cab for me, and it took about 10 minutes to arrive. In the past, some of my friends have gotten a ride back to Zihuat in the back of Armandoís pick-up, so you could probably ask about that too.

At home, after a siesta, I got cleaned up and headed out for the night. Since I didnít have fresh caught fish to eat tonight, I decided to head for one of my favorite taco stands. The place is called Taquaria los Paisanos, and itís just down the street from Paccaloís. Itís a little hole-in-the wall place that has a couple of tables, but most people just stand around on the sidewalk in front of the place and eat. Tonight itís pretty busy, and it takes me about 10 minutes of standing in the crowd to get my order in for 6 tacos de cabeza. The tacos are excellent, as always, and I can barely fishing all six, which cost about 20 pesos.

After dinner, I head back up the street, and cruise through Paccaloís to Florianís. Itís a pretty slow night, so I end up playing backgammon w/ Florian until closing time.

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