Trip Report Day 10 - Dec. 21 to Jan 5

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Posted by David(in Bellingham) from ( on viernes, febrero 07, 2003 at 20:01:43 :

Day 10 –

Today Mark, Kait and I are going on a fishing/snorkeling trip w/ Capt. Temo on the Secuestro de Amor. We decided to go for a later start today, and we’re scheduled to meet Temo at 10:00 a.m.
No live bait is available this late, so we have to go w/ dead bait and lures.

Kait went on an offshore deep-sea fishing trip last year, and ended up getting seasick, so we promised to keep her close to shore this year. Today we’ll be trolling light tackle out to the white rocks, and around them for a while.

On the way out we had three strikes, which resulted in 1 bonito and 2 dorado. Kait fought a big dorado for about 20 minutes, and she said it was harder to land than the sailfish she got last year.

Once we settled in at the white rocks, we trolled around them for about 3 hours resulting in 3 more strike. All three strike were big dorado (30-50lbs), for some reason, they were in close today. We managed to bring all of them to the boat, although the light tackle made for a long and challenging fight for each fish.

Since we wanted to have a fair amount of time to snorkel, we started trolling over to playa manzanillo. Temo took off his captain’s hat and put on his chefs hat. He cut a big fillet of the most recently caught dorado, and served us a big lunch of dorado sashimi w/ wasabi and soy sauce, and dorado tiritas. We didn’t get any strikes on the way to Playa Manzanillo, but we were so busy eating, we didn’t notice.

Once we got to Playa Manzanillo, we anchored out away from the beach, put on our snorkeling gear, and jumped in. We spent the next several hours cruising the underwater coral and rock formations. If you really like snorkeling, it’s worth the boat ride to Manzanillo. We to many different types of fish to count them all – Puffer fish, trumpet fish, parrot fish, a school of 100’s of small jacks, a moray eel, barracuda, and many more that I couldn’t identify. Once the sun started to go down, we climbed back into the boat and headed back to Zihuat.

After a quick trip back to our apartments to get cleaned up and have some pre-dinner tequila shots, we decided to take some of the dorado we’d just caught to Garrobos. Last year, we stayed at Raul Tres Marias, the hotel right above it, and we had quite a few good meals there.

The restaurant was pretty empty, so we were surprised when we had trouble negotiating to have our fished prepared. When we asked about, they said that they would prepare our fish, but the cost would be the full menu price. We told the waiter that most anybody else in town had charged us to prepare fish was 50 pesos per person, and that some places had only charged us 50 pesos for all three of us. After some more argument, with the owner getting involved, we agreed on 60 pesos per person for the fish preparation.

With that ordeal out of the way, we order sashimi and tiritas as an appetizer and grilled dorado three ways (Vera Cruz, w/ almond sauce, and w/ Hungarian sauce) for the main course. Since this is the place we discovered the drink the Spanish Bull last year, we decided we’d better order some of those as well.

The sashimi was pretty good, but for some reason, they made it w/ Worcestershire sauce, which was a little different. The tiritas were great. Of the types served w/ the main course, the Vera Cruz was excellent, but the almond sauce and Hungarian sauce were just so-so. The almond sauce and the Hungarian sauce were just so heavy that they were too much for the fish.

When the check came, it seemed to be a little high. I finally figured out that they had charged us $120 pesos each for the fish preparation. After all the negotiating I did before we ordered, I didn’t feel like arguing about anymore, so we just paid the bill and left. After that though, with all the great restaurants to chose from in Zihuat, we won’t be going back to Garrobos again.

After dinner, we went back to Mark & Kait’s apartment at the Sirena Gorda and played cards until about midnight. While we were playing, we had a few more shots of Corralejo tequila (purely to aid w/ digestion).

A little after midnight, I decided to head home and call it night early, since I’ve got a tuna trip early the next morning.

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