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Posted by buck from ( on lunes, febrero 17, 2003 at 19:08:16 :

In Reply to: Help for sea urchin sting posted by Mick from ( on miércoles, febrero 05, 2003 at 11:03:11 :

My experience-
I hate to disagree w/ the good doctor, maybe he's right in some cases, but wanted to post this for future reference here.
Stepped on a sea urchin in Cozumel, must've had 30-40 spines stuck in my right foot. The resort staff said to soak it in bay-nah-gar, huh? Well, when I show it to the recreational guy, he sent me to a doctor. Apparently this doctor was known as a diver's doctor, very well thought of. He looked at the foot and said removing them would cause more damage, as some were in the thick skin of the heel and big toe. They are made of calcium and are gradually absorbed by the body. He sent me off, telling me to soak it in vinegar, aha. The spines are very alkaline, which adds to the pain, so the acidic vinegar counteracts that. Of course the old remedy was to urinate on the afflicted spot, that works too.

Maybe they need to be removed sometimes, but I came out just fine leaving them in. I didn't have the later swelling Mick did. Hope you are better now, Mick.

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