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Posted by Rod from (?) on domingo, febrero 23, 2003 at 13:58:39 :

Below are my perspectives from our first family trip to Zihuatanejo:

* For a family of 5 there could have been no better decision than to rent the condo on La Ropa Beach. The walk up the hill a couple times a day immediately became a routine, the view from the south end of the beach will never be forgotten, nor the noise of the burro and roosters down below. The south end which became our "home base" is a little dirtier but it has a Mexican touch...the same smiling faces and waves, the scroungy dogs, the three Weimeramers (Sp), the crocodiles in the lagoon, La Gaviota and Rossy's, the people heading for Las Gatos. Our Condo at Punta Marina was kept spotless by our wonderful maid Marie who shopped for us and cooked us breakfast and made the worlds best Ceviche. We feel that she touched our lives and we touched hers. Judith Whitehead at Paradise Properties handled the arragements for the condo and the airport transportation, and she was always available for questions and advice.

* The walk to Las Gatos is nothing from La Gaviota. You can snorkle over there if you feel competent. The snorkeling at Las Gatos was better for us than Manzanillo which was murky and rough. Snorkelling really isn't great in this part of Mexico. Las Gatos is not as relaxing as La Ropa for sure, but some of the characers are fun..especially Amado. We went on Sunday and it was crowded with lots of local people.

* Madera beach is nothing compared to La Ropa. It was however the first time I had a strong drink - walked over to Madera and stopped at Bolero. Otherwise less relaxing, dirtier, more of a feeling of expats hanging out at long term rentals I guess.

* We did not even think about the water being unclean to swim was great.

* Our visit to the Netzahualcoytl indiginous school was the most memorable day. We brought school supplies and clothes that other teachers and students from our school where we teach brought in. My wifes' second graders did a letter exchange with the second graders at the school and the students were so enthusiastic. They have a web site and a couple of great contacts in Lisa Martin and Wibke Langhorst.

* We went to Ixtapa and hung out at the resorts for another "feel". Less Mexico..could be at any resort really. The surf is pretty rough but boogie boarding was good. Parasailing was fun and seemed safe to us!?

* The restaurants: No bad meals; The beach restaurants like Elvira, La Perla, La Gaviota are great atmosphere but a step down in quality compared to other places we ate; Casa Bahia was the best atmosphere - the view, the music, the bar, and the food was great..but others there got hung out because they did not take credit cards and this was not explained up front. Take cash; Coconuts and the new Italian one ( El Meditaraneo?) were also great.

* Talked to people who had a terrible experience at the Sotaventa with constant noise from the construction from early AM to late PM..the pool is right next to it too. They moved to Paraisa Real on the beach and raved about the people and the accomodations. Others I talked to were very pleased with Villa Mexicana.

* The best beach hang out for the day was La Perla. Perfect part of the beach, good sevice, good lunch food; long day for low cost.

* All in all very touched by the people in the shops and the children; the weather was so perfect; Zihuatanejo is a special place to be.


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