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Posted by ursula in PDX from ( on martes, marzo 04, 2003 at 13:45:40 :

In Reply to: Re: A Zihua Wedding Tale posted by Melanie in Oregon from ( on martes, marzo 04, 2003 at 12:39:37 :

hi again melanie

-at the kau kan, we had the upper terrace to ourselves. we had the trio who played during the ceremony come down to the restaurant with us, and then we played a CD with our music on it through the dinner. we only spent about an hour at kau-kan, though, as we all went back up to cuitlateca for the party (my guests hated those steps, but it was good for them!).
-planning the ceremony-let's see. i asked isabel to email me the vows that she or the judge usually says. i made a few changes to them, which she absolutely honored, and my husband and i wrote our own vows. we had my cousin do a reading, and other than that, isabel really did the play by play on a rehersal that we did in the space the night before. she was essential in all of that because of course, during the rehersal, i knew exactly what was going on. but i found that on the wedding day my nerves totally incapacitated me to the point where i couldn't even remember my own part! i relied entirely on her to run the show --as i was "locked up" in a separate place with my dad, waiting to walk down the aisle with him. oh and yes, the ceremony was in english--but i think that's because isabel did it herself. it's kinda sketchy, but she got the judge's signature on all the paperwork, and then performed the ceremony herself. So long as i have the paperwork, and it's legit, we didn't care. it was actually really nice to have her doing it since we had developed a relationship by then (rather than a stranger).
-we too thought about doing our rehersal dinner at la perla, but on the day my bridesmaid and i went to "test it out", the service and the FOOD were horrible. i ended up spending everyday on the beach camped out in front in their chaises, which was great. but i wasn't impressed at all with them otherwise, despite the fact that many people were pushing me towards doing it there. i know many people get married there, so perhaps someone who's had an actual "special event" would have more standing to critique. But on an average, day to day basis, i would give them a thumbs down. (but again, the locat1on is great!!!)
-one question for you: where are you having the ceremony???
--oh yeah, and it's so funny we're both in oregon!!


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