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Posted by Mona & Roger - Bellingham, WA from (ppp-65-90-105-98.mclass.broadwing.net) on Wednesday, January 16, 2002 at 17:31:13 :

We've been home for less than a week from Zihua, missing it already. We had a fabulous 24 days there. Stayed near La Ropa in a great villa. The best part...the caretaker had 3 girls for our daughters to play with, what a bonus! We celebrated x-mas eve and New Year's eve with the caretakers' family. Tamales, pinatas, pazole - it was wonderful! Got to brush up on my Spanish (they know zip for English) and act as "translator." Went up to Troncones, down to Barra de Potosi. Roger went scuba diving one day. Went on a sportfishing trip, caught 5 Bonita Black Tunas. Some of the lots for sale down south near Barra are pretty appealing!!! Hmmm...might have to look into them more. We hope to return end of this year. At some point, our dream is to road trip down...if we can make the time. Roger made it in to meet Rob and use his internet services. Sorry I didn't quite get there Rob. With 3 kids in tow, sometimes our mobility gets a bit limited! Our girls are still spouting out Spanish words and phrases before they realize they can use English. We loved the restaurant...should have written down the name, Cenaria Ateleta???, sorry, can't say for sure, inexpensive and delicious. Anyway, always love every trip we've made to Mexico. Especially this trip as it was a real cultural experience for our family, definitely not a "USA in Mexico" vacation. So much more. Thanks for the great website Rob. We'll definitely "drop in" now and then and utilize it again when making plans for our next trip! The time flew by while we were there, we're missing it badly. Those of you getting ready to go...enjoy! Enjoy a sunset for us. Thanks!

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