eating iguanas for TV

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Posted by ZihuaRob from ( on Friday, January 18, 2002 at 11:07:25 :

In Reply to: Re: Iguanas and Taxco posted by Saint Bryan from ( on Thursday, January 17, 2002 at 19:30:15 :

"Today we helped an Iguana escape a knife and boiling water. It cost 60 pesos --and untying the twine around its legs and mouth was a bit dicey...but it scampered away to a better life we hope.
another iguana was not so lucky. it was served up to somegentlemen from New York. I had a bite. Tastes like chicken--only with scales. The skin is said to have vitamins."

In my personal opinion, it is terrible that you would personally consider the subject matter of killing and eating iguanas as acceptable. Eating exotic animals for pleasure is a selfish act, a crime against nature, and mostly a macho fad driven by an archaic Hemingway-esque mentality. It's ONE thing if you have to survive in the jungle, but it's entirely another if you have the means to buy meats bred and/or slaughtered for human consumption. I mean they ARE CLEARING FORESTS so beef cattle can graze, and LONG-NETTING FISH by the hundreds of millions, as if that isn't enough harm to our planet's ecosystem! And here you are romanticizing the killing of iguanas, MEXICAN iguanas at that, for entertainment purposes for, what?, a half hour or hour-long show?

In my personal opinion this is sending the wrong message to the public and especially to the youth.

There are people here devoting a lot of time, effort and resources to SAVING these animals and others. But there are also very many poor and/or unscrupulous people who will trap these and other exotic animals (parrots, coatimundi, etc.) in order to sell them, often to more affluent foreigners. By buying (AND by publicizing the purchase and consumption of iguana) a greater demand is created for these exotic animals. Their price will go up, and their numbers will be further decimated by even more people looking to profit from the sale of exotic animals, as well as more people looking to own or consume these exotic animals. Their populations and communities are displaced, and the world eventually suffers an irreplaceable loss due, once more, to man's irresponsible interaction with the natural world.

Hey, man, once it's gone it's gone FOR GOOD!

We are already losing our forests at an alarming rate to unscrupulous foreign lumber interests, now must we also suffer the loss of our fauna due to the whimsical fads and fancies of affluent foreigners?

Would you feel the same if foreigners came to the U.S. to harvest the Redwood Forest and eat eagle wings for appetizers? And especially if they had the gall to show on prime-time TV the trapping and killing and consumption of an eagle?

Granted, the iguana is no national symbol, but the killing and consumption of the iguana for exotic entertainment is indeed very symbolic of man's incorrect and unhealthy attitude towards the world around him.

I can't help but recall the words to an old Joni Mitchell song:
"They pave paradise and put up a parking lot."

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