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Posted by Jared from (h24-80-137-46.no.shawcable.net) on Thursday, January 24, 2002 at 02:18:49 :

Viewpoints.....A Short Tale

They cautiously stopped me as I strolled toward the Mercado Municipal.
"Are you familiar with this place?" he asked.
I had spotted them ahead as I approached and had sensed that they were looking a little lost.
"Yes, I am", I replied. "Are you lost?".
"Yes, a little. Someone told us there was a market around here somewhere. Uhh, is it SAFE around here?" he asked.
"Oh, it's absolutely safe. The market is just up the street here 2 blocks, I'm heading there now. Come on along". I pointed down the street towards the mercado.
"Umm, which way is the beach" she asked a little anxiously.
"Well.... you can go two blocks that way and turn right then a couple more straight ahead, or you can go two blocks this way, turn left, then straight ahead". I calmly answered her.
"Well" he quickly continued, "Are there lots of crafts in the market".
"Nope......just food, hardware, clothing and other everyday type stuff, but it's an experience that shouldn't be missed.""Are you folks off the cruise ship?" I asked them.
"Yes. We stopped in Puerto Vallarta and then here. It's our first time in Mexico" he replied.

"So, want to come see the mercado". I pointed up the street again.
They looked at each other somewhat wide-eyed.
"There's a craft market down this street about five blocks, if thats what you're looking for". I offered.
"Oh, weve been there", she answered. "We were directed over here to see the other market".
"Well"....., I pointed again.
They looked around, down the street, then at each other again.
"Uhh...I think we'll head back to the beach. Then back onboard for lunch".Thanks anyway", she answers. "Umm. which way to the beach again?"

I pointed them in the right direction, shrugged my shoulders and continued on to do a morning shopping. At the mercado I bought some of those wonderful crusty buns delivered fresh from the bakery, some of that delicious fresh string cheese, some perfect tomatoes and "just right" avacados, a few more limes and a couple of particularly nice looking mangoes.

Back at the bungalow, after a slow stroll back, we made a nice lunch of tomato/avacado/cheese sandwiches, opened some cold cervesas and sat on the patio watching the cruise ship occasionally through the binoculars.

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