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Posted by gerry from ( on Sunday, January 27, 2002 at 14:41:32 :

my wife karen and i just returned from seven days in z, after a five year hiatus. after a
day reaquainting ourselves with playa la ropa and the town, a day snorkeling with ramon olea at coral and manzanillo beaches and a day on our own snorkeling at las gatas, the fun really beagn.

i had a good, if not great, three days sailfishing on the fly. on the first day on el soltar, capt. miguel raised six fish, with four bites(including a double), two hookups and two tag and released fish. on the first of two days on yellowfin II, capt. chiro raised a dozen fish, with four bites, four consecutive hookups, four tag and released fish. on my last day with chiro, we raised almost a dozen fish, had two bites, one hookup and one released sail.

the numbers of fish this past week were quite amazing, as you will note in ixtapasportfishing's weekly report. the crews worked hard to get these numbers. the fish are definitely there. the last day, there was a lot of bird activity, small bait in the water everywhere, tuna down deep and sails in the mix.

in contrast, i have fished in the best boats in the world in guatemala several times(with a group) and have never caught more than 3 sails in a day on the fly.

i showed the captains some of the sophisticated teasing techniques used in guatemala. they adapted well and once the fish was hooked the crews did a great job of getting the fish to the boat in record time- average of 5-8 minutes for each fish. i do not jest. it is done all the time in guatemala. it is also good for the fish. a long fight on any tackle is just not good for the fish.

as a sidenote, it is disgraceful, as i have noted before on this board, that circle hooks are not the rule. i know old habits die hard, but there are too many mortalities every day in z. the sailfish was not meant to end up as ceviche, or tossed in the bicycle cart that departs from the dock every afternoon. this is a sad statement on the failure of all captains to insist on using circle hooks and the arrogance or stupidity of gringos who could care less.

lastly, i experienced no fly equipment failures of any type. my fly tackle and rigging is essentially the same refined level that is used in guatemala. it is not easy to learn, but it is cutting edge and it simply works. all IGFA. i would be
more than glad to discuss the tackle, flies, rigging, if you send me a private e-mail.

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