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Posted by Tess from California from (?) on Tuesday, February 05, 2002 at 18:40:18 :

I was going to wait until next weekend and post something as coherent and lyric as Candice but it sounds as if a lot of board readers are packing to go so I wanted to throw out a few rambles on my wonderful two week vacation. First even though this was my third trip to Zihua in 2 1/2 years (and a trip to Kauai last May) I still ignored what I knew and what the board has written a thousand times and brought 2 suitcases of clothes. I could have easily lived on the bathing suit, shorts and T shirt, and sundress I carried on in my Daypack! Please remind me next year!
Hotel Villas Miramar lived up to Bill Brown's recommendation (no hills, no stairs) and really clean rooms. But the restaurant prices are up and next year I definitely want a kitchen. Checked ou Casa Sun and Moon and guests there gave it a definite thumbs up.
By the by I want to second Rob's restaurant review for the new Indian restaurant Gondwana. Ate there twice and it was great. If like me you get to craving vegtables on vacation the vegtable curries are the answer. Also the lemon meringue pie was too good.
Got to see inside the Sirena Gorda apartments (I had friends staying there) and would stay there - they are just like in the pictures.
Casa Cafe was a good stop for breakfast on La Madera, clean and friendly. I wish they had yogurt and granola to go with their great fruit plates.
Someone asked recently about wine. I am a white wine drinker and without spending an arm and a leg (and without boxes!) I brought two bottles in my suitcases (I think 3 is the limit) and was happy with Gato Blanco and with the Concho y Toro which was on sale at the Commercial for 54 pesos.
Paty's Mar y Mar is still my favorite on La Ropa and had a good freindly feel @Happyhour/sunset. One day of vaguely upset stomache and I went straight for their chicken and vegtable soup.
The walk from Playa Madera (which was incredibly littered with garbage the whole week I was there) to downtown made taking the boat to playa Las Gatas much more inviting so I went there to swim 3 days (no waves) chez Arnoldo at the snorkel end and Otillos at the far end had great food and made me feel at home.
Spent the second week at Playa Calli at La Barra de Potosi. It still is my favorite place in the world (well after Yosemite) and Bernies Bed and Breakfast is as luxurious as ever. The water in the pool was a refreshing 25 degrees and the ocean was 29! Do not go to La barra without seriously poison insect repellant! With the Barra not opening this year the mosquitos and the no see ums were fierce. I also found great relief from an anti-itch spray with cortisone and benadryl that seemed to make my bites heal faster.
Go, enjoy, don't make too many plans, the the places serindipity takes you are often the best. Like when I discovered the organic coffee shop and got to see all her photos and hear the pride in her voice over her organic certification.
Also for anyone hesitating to travel alone this is the destination for you. I met people right and left, was treated everywhere with respect and felt utterly safe. The only thing special I did was take a taxi home at night like I would anywhere.
Oh, and if you had lined up 1000 people and told me to pick out Judy from Minnesota she would have been my last choice. Putting names to faces is a great idea. Also the only time I goofed up not having a watch on vacation was being late to the party with the name tags!

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