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Posted by Roberto on Sunday, December 16, 2101 at 02:23:58 :

Had an uneventful flight from Seattle. Made it through immigration in about half an hour. At the transportation counter I told the sweet young lady I wanted a taxi to Playa La Madera. She asked how many people? I said 4. She said $22.00. I hesitated but paid. We arrived at Bungalows Allec, changed clothes, and looked for a place to have a drink. Oh La La didnít have any Kahlua so we went to the French place. 2 drinks $100P. Bungalows Allec has 2 things going for it: You are right on the beach and Santiago is a super nice guy. The place was built 20 years ago and they havenít put a penny into it since. We were inundated with mosquitoes because of the lack of screens on the windows. Ants and cockroaches share your space so you are wise to keep your foodstuffs in the fridge.
This was our 15th trip to Mexico. This was the first time anyone has gotten sick. My wife and son were both out of action for 2 to 3 days. A pharmacist said a mosquito born virus was causing a lot of problems.
We ate a lot of meals at Casa Arcada and El Manglar. The 2 Southern most restaurants on the beach Pnincipal. Very good seafood and service for less than 100P per person. We tipped heavily everywhere we went because business was so slow and these people need to make a living.
With one exception the beaches everywhere were pristine. The exception was in front of Hotel Irma on La Medera. Trash everywhere. Donít they have any civic pride?
Went fishing one day. Santiago lined us up with Sontoz. We caught yellow fin, bonita and mackerel. Tried sailfish but no luck. Cost $120 per person. Santos wanted to take the fish home but we talked him into letting us have half of them. El Manglar cooked one of the mackerel for 100P (such a deal) and we gave the rest to Santiago.
Spent one day at Isle Ixtapa. Nice place. We spent the day at the restaurant at the coral diving beach. 60P margaritas. Ouch!
One night my son and I were standing on the sidewalk on Principal by the fish market while the wife did some shopping. The tops of my feet started to feel like they were on fire! The feeling grew more and more intense. I looked at my son ant he said RED ANTS! We made a beeline for the surf. After a minute in the water the burning subsided. Nasty little critters.
The last day we lounged around. Playa La Medera was so deserted we went skinny dipping. Yes, I know itís illegal. The flight home was only and hour late so we did ok.
I hope the tourist thing picks up dramatically in Zhuia. These people are hurting big time.

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