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(Continued from Part I) The ceilings are huge, the doors tall, and overall gives the appearance of a larger room because of the height of the ceiling. The bed is king size, with a beautiful dark blue with flower motif light-weight spread (that matches the couch pillows and chair pillows) and the mattress rests upon a cement slab--common in Mexico. Great if you like a firm night's sleep. There are also two nightstands, each with a lamp, on each side of the bed. We ended up moving one of the lamps from the bedroom to the living room because the lamp in the living room had a faulty switch and would not stay "on". There is also a large ceiling fan in the bedroom. There are no closets, shelves or hooks of any kind in the bedroom.

The bathroom is quite large, kind of a different shape, it's not really a rectangle, more like an "L" shape. Upon entering the bathroom there will be a large floor to ceiling closet on your left that is equipped with hangers and shelves--no drawers. We would recommend shaking out your clothes and shoes before putting them on, and definitely being cautious when storing items in the closet. We never had any problems but the couple next to us had scorpions in their room and a lady above us was bitten by one! (She turned out to be okay, but she was just reaching inside her closet for clothes and, I guess, ended up waking up a scorpion and got bit on her hand!) Straight ahead will be your jacuzzi tub/shower. It is a beautiful dark blue that matches the toilet and is generous enough for two persons. Once again, beautiful orangey/red tile ... watch for slippy spots after getting out of the jacuzzi or shower ... especially after having a few drinks. Remember to bring shampoo/conditioner, and some kind of bubblebath--the only soap provided are little bars of hotel like soap, one for the shower and another for the sink The view from the bathroom is wonderful! There are two windows that wraparound and give you a good view of the bay. I'm uncertain how you might wrap the drapes up and out of your way, but it can be done. You may want to bring a clock/radio or portable stereo with little speakers to add to the ambiance of the jacuzzi. There is also adequate space on the edge of the jacuzzi for placement of a bottle of wine, beer, or a bottle of champagne and candles. One word of warning: watch out for spiders. The spiders can be quite large although somewhat friendly--desiring to share the jacuzzi with you and your loved one. The jacuzzi worked wonderfully and was very, very relaxing. At the foot of the jacuzzi are several potted tropical plants that finish out the bathroom. Very, very nice. Very romantic. Very sexy.

The kitchenette area is small but definitely more than adequate. Upon entering the front door, immediately to your right will be a large floor to ceiling closet that contains several dishes, cups, mugs, silverware, placemats, etc. We used a shelf for dry good storage, but then decided to keep things in the refrigerator because of the ants! We didn't have too many, just a few in the closet. The people next to us in Suite #2 who were staying for six weeks ended up buying a can of Raid and spraying it around the door entry and on the bottom shelf of the kitchen closet. As I said, we didn't see many ants (inside) but then again, we made the decision quickly to keep things in the fridge. The fridge is a 3/4 size unit that will adequately keep beer, wine, water, etc. cold. There is no bottled water in the rooms. We ended up buying our own. I guess there is water in the 5 gallon bottles on the cabana area for everyone's use, but we weren't told this until half way into our stay. If you bring plastic cups or have a favorite cup you like to drink out of, we recommend that you wash it yourself; however, there is no dish soap. The maid will use a harsh/soapy kind of detergent, probably the same kind the sheets are washed with, and it's kinda unpleasant tasting.
The kitchenette is also devoid of hand towels, paper towels, napkins, salt/pepper shakers, any kind of spices, etc. As I said, we didn't cook, so it wasn't a big deal. I?m certain that if you asked Eduardo about providing you with a particular something, it would be provided for you immediately. The kitchenette does have a coffee maker (bring your own coffee or borrow some from the community kitchen) and a toaster. The kitchenette area also has a table with four chairs.

The living room area is divided from the kitchnette area by a large 'L" shaped couch. The form of the couch is once again out of a white cement slab and is quite attractive. As my husband says, it makes certain your guests won?t relocate the furniture for you. The cushions/pillows covering the couch are handmade and match the light bedspread in the bedroom. There are also ceiling fans in the living area and in the kitchen area. Great for keeping the air moving. The balcony is off of the living area and has a great view. The balcony is not that large, something that you might find on an apartment ... maybe 3' or so by 10' long. There are two plain white chairs on the balcony. No table. The couple next to us had a table; we used one of the little endtables from the bedroom and found that worked very well for us. Once again, there is no privacy on the balcony. If no one is there, there is privacy. If people are there, there is no privacy on the balcony. We were blessed as our neighbors were wonderful people whom we wouldn?t mind spending time with in the future. If you?re looking for a romantic tryst on the balcony, and aren?t an exhibitionist, I can truly say it ain?t gonna happen. That?s why God made jacuzzi tubs.

The pool is a decent sized pool, but could be overcrowded if all the occupants of the hotel decided to swim at once. Also, the patio in the sun with the chairs is quite small... not bad if a couple people are enjoying the pool, but if everyone decided to use the pool, it would indeed be quite overcrowded. The view from the pool is wonderful and breathtaking. What makes the pool even more wonderful and beckoning is the that the sun sets behind El Almacen mid afternoon and shades the pool, allowing one to swim and enjoy the cool pool view without the heat of the mid-day sun. On the cabana area there is a hammock and several plastic chairs and tables. There is also a community refrigerator and drink cooler which are kept padlocked. Beer is kept in one of the padlocked coolers and you can purchase this beer for the reasonable price of 10 pesos each. Ralmaldro, the groundskeeper, and keeper of the key, lives on site. He's 24 and doesn't speak but a word or two of English. His Spanish is pretty good considering it's not his first language; his first language is one of the native dialects. Nice guy, hard worker, my husband and I liked him a lot. You will need to find him in order to access the padlocked cooler. We bought beer and kept beer in our fridge (cheaper) so we never had to hunt him down. There is also a community kitchen outdoors and this is where breakfast is served.

Breakfast is served between 9 and 11am daily and consists of a plate of fresh fruit, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee and small little rolls called pandillos in Spanish. Eduardo told us that Mirna (the main maid who wears the pink uniform) would cook us eggs if we so desired at the cost of 20 pesos. I don't know if there is a charge for breakfast. On his website it says $3.50 per person, but we were never charged. We thought the fruit was included. Other people who were above us ended up being charged for these. I would ask. As the rooms have no telephones, there is a telephone on the patio area sitting on top of a pretty, wooden cupboardy thing. There are two drawers, and I think the right one contains a phone book. If you want to take a taxi somewhere, you've got to call them, because the El Morro is remote. Eduardo also has a telephone book he's made out of a bound notebook. Look under T for taxi and you'll find a couple taxi companies. Ralmaldro or Mirna can call one for you, or you can call for one. The price to ride into town from the El Morro varies from 20p to 30p. I would bargain for 25p.

Overall nice property, but a little remote from town. The view is breathtakingly beautiful and your host is wonderful. Additional questions, kindly email me and I?ll be happy to answer any and all.

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