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Posted by Tina (Barrie, Ont. Canada) from ( on Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 22:19:03 :

Just got back on Friday morning from 2 glorious weeks in Ixtapa/Zihuat!! Had a great time! The weather was fantastic as per usual! Stayed at the Barcelo...the hotel was clean, the rooms simple but adequate. Like others have mentioned on the board, breakfasts were pretty much whatever you wanted...eggs any way you like, french toast, pancakes, waffles etc...lunch was the best meal of the day, with great burgers, club sandwiches, fajitas, salad bar etc...dinner was o.k.(we ate mostly off the property for dinners), and they have a different theme show everynight which actually was pretty good...they danced their butts off and the costumes were pretty elaborate, but the "lip-syncing" was a bit too campy for our liking. We were the only ones in our party of 8 to get an oceanview room,(although they will put you on a "waiting" list to get one, once you're down there). The pool was very warm, as was the and red flags were up the whole time we were there...went to Isla Ixtapa for snorkeling-great time!! Went to Las Gatas beach to while away one afternoon-great day!! Shopped in Zihuatanejo 'till I couldn't shop anymore...the only thing that I noticed had changed since we'd been there 4 years ago, was that they now have traffic was strange to see that! One thing that hasn't changed is the people...they are as warm, wonderful, kind and beautiful as we remembered-one of the main reasons for coming back!! Met Tacano and his wife in Zihuat, and even though they tried to convince us to go to Barra de Potosi, we just ran out of time...that was actually my one dissapointment of the whole trip-not making it to Barra (but certainly a good reason to come back for a third trip!). I so wanted to meet Dona Laura and her children! We also were hoping to meet with Rob and Lupita, but unfortunately after waiting for nearly an hour, we decided to drop off our goodies at Lupita's boutique with a note...sorry Rob and Lupita, maybe on our next visit we will meet!? Hope you got the school supplies o.k.?! Met some wonderful people while we were there, K & L from Peterborough(sort of met on Rob's board already!) and they were a lot of fun!! We went to the Marina on two occasions to eat at Buccofino's (on the advice of almost everyone on the board) and didn't regret it one bit!! One of the best meals we had down there!! The owner was great and shared his story of how he and his sweet wife met and ended up opening their wonderful restaurant! Marco Polo was our waiter and he was such a great guy! Brian and I renewed our wedding vows while we were there, and it is a day I won't soon forget! Isabel Pais was our wedding co-ordinator, and things went off without a hitch! It was so romantic...we actually said our "I do's" with the sun setting behind us! Hired a trio of mariachi singers to serenade our group for an hour, and they were fantastic! We took the gondola from El Faro restaurant to the beach, had the ceremony there, went back up the gondola, and had dinner at El Faro! What a view!! My only dissapointment was the service was very slow, and the food was simply o.k.(for the price I thought it should have been better). The night before our renewal, we headed over to Villa del was Valentine's Day and they set up tables on the beach with candlelight, real flowers and service you would not believe!! We were right on the beach, couldn't have gotten any closer unless we were IN the water!! They had a set menu for the evening, and the food was absolutely fantastic!! What a night! Even got a chance to check out a couple of the rooms and WOW! O.K., so I've rambled long enough...I was kinda' nervous about writing this report (don't know why), but the bottom line is, even though we didn't do nearly enough of the things we thought we'd do, we had a wonderful time anyways...Barcelo is a good hotel within walking distance of most everything...few "little" things that I could complain about, but then, that would be REALLY nitpicking...and make sure you eat at Buccofino's-you won't regret it!! Oh, and for those of you wondering about how much "checking" of your bags they do at Zihuat airport, I have an interesting tale to tell...the fellow checking our luggage (with plastic gloves on), checked it quite thoroughly...took out Brian's shaving cream and asked his boss (they gave it back), but DID confiscate a lighter in my checked bag (wouldn't give it back)...checked our carry on (but not my big white purse??)...and then proceeded to let us wander the airport terminal for 3 plus to the security check point, where everything went through the x-ray machine(but no "hand" checking)...than after another 45 minutes, they decided to open up another counter where we all had to line up, so they could "re-check" our bags. Only problem was that it was left a bit late to check everyone, so they let a lot of people show their boarding passes and proceed on the tarmac to the plane! Wierd. We could have bought 10 more lighters and made it on the plane with no problem, and yet they took a lighter from my checked bag...go figure! It was fun anyways...things like that shouldn't bother anyone anyways, unless of course you've got something you shouldn't have?!! HaHa!! So, thanks to all on the board for all your tips and was so appreciated! Next time Brian and I go back, I think we'll be going it's a bit harder to try and get 8 people to agree on anything at the same time...and there's so much more we'd like to do and see next time around!! Thanks again everybody...and thanks to you to Rob, for having the very best website with the very best info on Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo!! See you all next year...God willing! Tina xo

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