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Posted by Gary in Seattle from (A010-1123.KRLD.splitrock.net) on Wednesday, March 06, 2002 at 21:27:07 :

The buses or flechas as they are called along Highway 200 out of Zihua provide for fantastic scenery and a chance to interact with wonderful folks from various communities along the way. We like to catch a flecha along Morelos near Panadería Oseguera. It’s an excuse to stop at Oseguera for their pastries and great tortas.

One Sunday after boarding a flecha to the sound of “Peta, Peta, Peta” we were happy to see a familiar face traveling with us. Elario, better known as The Mezcal Man or Señor Gunnysack, was sitting across the aisle. He mentioned our encounter the day before and said he was on his way to Barra de Potosí too. He offered up his wares which I told him I’d buy at the beach.

The three of us got off at Los Achotes. The Man himself offered to pose for the picture above. As we walked to the pasajera The Man attempted to peddle his goods to local folks but to no avail. Onboard the pasajera local folks jokingly referred to his bindle as tesoro – treasure.

It was still early in La Barra. The Man got off before the final stop and disappeared into the cross streets. He later appeared weaving his way through the enramadas. He twisted my arm and coaxed me into buying a bottle of his magic potion. A portion of that bottle became a welcome gift for Jared – only after I was confident it was safe for Jared to drink.

As the morning progressed and more folks appeared The Man could be seen everywhere. We saw him talking to some tourists we’d seen at La Barra for several days now. It was obvious there was a language barrier. The Man performed his usual gestures for the dialect disadvantaged – unscrew the cap and offer a sample by mimicking a sip. This led to more confusion. No sale – the chance of a lifetime missed.

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