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Posted by Paige from ( on Friday, March 08, 2002 at 12:08:53 :

I was going to title this vacation from hell in paradise. But that doesn't quite describe it; let's just say we had a little adversity.
We arrived on Saturday and our 1 year old started projectile vomiting on Sunday. No it wasn't the water! We took him to Dr. Rogelio Grayeb on Monday, who is very nice and speaks excellent English, and he got diagnosed with tonsillitis. He got better but then dove off the bed 2 days later and got a huge head bonk. He was fine, but we got lots of looks - blond blue-eyed baby with huge bruise on his forehead!
Anyway, despite that we had a great time, it just wasn't what we planned, didn't get out too much. We stayed at Bungalows Ley on La Madera. The staff there is AWESOME, incredibly helpful and supportive. Our bungalow was impeccably clean, the air-conditioner worked perfectly, and we had a huge terrace that Liam could safely wander around. Even though we spent 2 days at the bungalow with a sick baby, we still had an incredible view, which helps.
Having the baby with us helped us to interact much more with locals, I think. We were well-treated and Liam got lots of attention, while my husband and I got to practice our Spanish. I really was impressed that Mexican men are just as into babies as the women - very different from the US! Gustaves, our waiter at La Sirena Gorda (2 nights - great food and baby friendly) "kidnapped" Liam and took him around to meet all the staff.
I have to say that our 2 experiences on La Ropa were somewhat negative. Yes, it's a prettier beach, but I felt people were less friendly, even slightly rude, and the service not great. Another couple we met had a similar experience. It was only twice so maybe it's not the rule; still, we found Playa La Madera much more laid back and friendly. However, we did have a fabulous dinner at La Perla sans kid, thanks to one of our maids who babysat for us!
A few kid specific tips - first,we got a photo ID for Liam but didn't need it; however, people were so surprised that we had it that it sped things up. #2, the sun is VERY strong - and we come from New Mexico at altitude - so come well prepared. We'd go to the beach early am and very late afternoon which worked well. Next time I'm getting one of the SPF suits. #3, high chairs are hard to come by and they don't have safety straps and most hotels don't have tubs - we brought an inflatable tub which we put out on the terrace and worked as a tub and a pool for Liam. Last, diapers, pedialyte, yogurt, and Gerber baby foods are easily found.
Overall we still had a great time and can hardly wait to go back. Much thanks to Zihua Rob for this amazing board and to Vancouver Tony for recommending Bungalows Ley.

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