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Posted by Tim from Boston from ( on Tuesday, March 26, 2002 at 14:34:46 :

Ok...finaly, here it is. I was going to post this back in November, but I never got around to it. I guess I was selfish and didn't want to share right away our honeymoon experience. I was taking the time to savor it all. I'm still savoring it, but enough is enough. Here it goes:
Part I

THE VITALS: One week honeymoon stay at La Casa que Canta...10/2/01-10/9/1. Flew from Boston to Houston..Houston to Zihuatanejo. Upon landing, Bob Marley's Jammin' was playing over the plane's PA sytem.
This was going to be good.

Trip Background: A year before our trip, I lived vicariously through others' experiences on this board. I felt as if I got to know all the "regulars" as if they were part of some strange cult. All the Zihua know who you are, were extremely helpful in displaying their knowlege for first time visitors like myself. Aside from all the inside jokes that were way over my head, and all the inter-site sniping that went on, the wealth of information I received from this board was invaluable. I hope this will help others.

Day 1: Wizzed on through the "stop light" and we were swarmed by taxi drivers looking to offer their services. My wife set a nice pick down low, and we mazed our way towards the driver from our hotel. Already we knew we werent in Kansas any more. Fifteen minutes through coconut groves and rolling hills we made our way to the outskirts of town. We both started to get excited. A year of planning and dreaming all comes down to this. Would it...Can it live up to the expectations?
Passing a sign that pointed to La Ropa, we started to climb a twisty and turny hill. We passes a couple of snack stands and a happy looking burro chewing his cud in an vacant lot. The hill started to reach its climax, and that's when we caught "THE VIEW" to the right. Playa Madera, Playa Municipal, the pier were all there...Live!!! By then we were giddy.
Rolled into the unasuming entrance to Casa que Canta, opened the hotel's door and were greeted by the conciege by our names in the incredible open-air lobby. She gave us cool towels and dos Coronas. Perfect touch. We werent even at our room yet.
Note:I dont want to turn this into an advertisement for CQC because I could go on forever about it. We were their on a once and a life time trip. Its our honeymoon for Gads sake! We went big! And believe me. It was worth every penny...and then some.
For dinner we wanted to try out the first place on our list from this message board. La Perla. We walked at dusk along La ropa bare foot as the bath tub-like water lapped and nipped at our ankles. Local kids were laughing as they were catching their last waves of the day.
We got to La Perla and were greeted by the man, the myth, the legend, Francisco. Shirt-unbottoned to his belly button, gold chains a blazin'. We sat at a table on the beach facing the water. Francisco promised me a tour of his wine collection and humidor after dinner. We dined on Snapper and Lobster. It was as fresh as it gets.
We were about four deep in the Margherita dept, so at that point everything was right with the world. Did I mention we were on our honeymoon?
It was getting late, and there was a whole lot of nothing we had to do in the up coming days so we made it back to CQC. We enjoyed a couple of Cubans (cigars) in our private plunge pool as we saw the fishing boats race out of the Harbor for their nocturnal bounty.
It has been a long day.
Stay tuned...

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