T R Pt. 15...La Barra

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Posted by parsavr from (1Cust21.tnt23.chiega.da.uu.net) on Tuesday, March 26, 2002 at 15:30:52 :

There are a few other things to do out at La Barra, but don't fret, they don't take too long and if you don't get around to them, eh!
A lagoon boat tour is interesting. I agree w/Tony's previous post, I was disappointed by not seeing more wild life. Aside from the few egrets, herons and pelicans, there weren't many birds. The mangrove chanels were neat and the shrimp farms were interesting, but I'm not sure if they're being used at present. The lagoon is 10 km long with many hidden places. Luis uses a kayak to explore it and I'm sure that would open up many of its wonders. He offered use of it, but it seemed too much like work to me! Our able guides worked out just fine.

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