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Posted by parsavr from (1Cust2.tnt23.chiega.da.uu.net) on Tuesday, March 26, 2002 at 16:36:36 :

The days spent out in La Barra were idyllic. You tend to retire very early but also wake early. Our one "late" night, after dinner w/Luis & Elizabeth, we walked the beach after mid-night. There was no moon, it was very dark, and the sky was filled with stars so bright they were twinkling. As we strolled along the sand I happened to look behind and noticed our footprints were glowing. I was told later that there is some kind of phosphorescent plankton that does actually glow when activated by the pressure of footprints or even waves. It was an unbelievable site to look back and see you path glowing behind you.

Now that the trip is over, I'm in my usual post-Zihua funk, wondering if I really could live down there, how much it would take, would I be as fond of the place after living there for a while, etc. But like most of us, I'll just have to wonder until its time for my annual pilgrimage to paradise again next year.

Oh, I almost forgot, La Barra has horse-back riding too, but that also seemed too much like work.

Adios, and thanks for putting up with all my botched pic posting while learning how to do this correctly. Jared, buddy, couldn't have done it without your gracious help. Thanks.

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