Trip Report Prt. 2- Warning...Long!

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Posted by Tim from Boston from ( on Thursday, March 28, 2002 at 11:15:49 :

Sorry for the delay folks, I've been out and about. Here it goes:
Day 2: Still feeling the excitement of being in an exotic place, and apparently not feeling the effects of muchos margheritas y cervesas, we rose around 6:30 to the sounds of crashing waves against the cliffs below us. The hotel had not started serving breakfast yet, so we grabbed and strolled the impressive grounds on la Casa que Canta. Looking out towards the bay, you could see the fishermen returing in their pangas with the night's catch.
After a light breakfast we decided to break out and explore town. The sun was shrouded by morning clouds but it was still hot and powerful...even at 7:30 am. We walked towards town via Playa Madera and playa Municipal. Restaurant proprieters were kindly shouting to us, inviting us to try their fare. Having had breakfast already we kindly smiled and replied "no gracias" (a term you need to know down here)and kept heading towards the fishermans market.
The fish market is a loud busy place in the morning. It quickly reminded us that this is a real live fishing village. As the bargaining was going on, dogs were playing on the beach with forgotten fish parts and other dogs.
About an hour had passed and stores were starting to open up in town. We went into Albertos, we read on this board that this is a great place for silver. Nice stuff. I bought a money clip and a bracelet for my lovely wife. Awwwww...
We packed for the day, so we hopped onto a water taxi to take us over to Las Gatas. The sun was still behind clouds, but it was getting strong. For a couple of pesos we boarded a tiny boat with a local family and some boxes of supplies for the numerous restaurants on the beach. The boat ride across the bay is a great vantage point of the town and surrounding beaches.
It was early,so there werent many people on the beach...make that there werent ANY people on the beach. It was also the end of the slow season, so we were aggressivly persued by restaurant workers to stay with them for the day. To be honest, this is not what we had in mind. We just wanted to sit on the sand read, swim and enjoy some cervesas and each other. It was looking like we were running out of luck as we passed restaurant after restaurant. I must admit, we were easy prey. We had our back packs on, we were as white as paste, and I had my lucky Red Sox hat on. Just then...out of nowhere I heard a loud,"NOMAR GARCIAPARRA!" From that came a man called Franco. With that alone, he won our business...slam dunk.
*Note- I am a long suffering die-hard Sox fan. Any recognition outside of Beantown deserves attention.
Franco led us to his part of the beach. Bright umbrellas and clean raked sand. He said, "you take care of me and I'll take care of you..Nice!" sounds good. Take care of us was an understatement. After luscious pina coladas carved out of pineapples, we went for a swim in the incredibly clear water of Las Gatas. While floating in the Pacific, Franco himself swam out to us to tell us about the lunch he was preparing for us. It sounded too good to be true- here we were 24 hours removed from post wedding chaos and we are floating above a coral reef with our faithful, floating waiter attending to our every need. The lunch he prepared with pride was mind snapper, tuna, scallops, calamari and grilled octopus all fresh fresh fresh. Franco was now in his Otilas uniform now, bringing us fresh tortillas and salsa for our feast.
Looking back on our day with Franco, I think the best part of te day was getting to know Franco himself. He is an extremly proud man who lives his job, family, country and baseball. We were sad to leave him that day. For his work, we made sure to take care of him...I think he was happiest though when I gave him my lucky Red Sox cap as an added bonus. "Nice". I think he enjoyed it.
Back to CQC after a siesta, we decided on dinner at Villa del Sol. We were looking forward to this because we labored hard over the past year on where to stay for our honeymoon...VDS or CQC. So many little time. We chose CQC due to its privacy and seclusion. Villa del Sol is beatiful, dont get me wrong, but it just seemed too "resorty" and big. Perhaps another time...but not for our honeymoon.
From doing the reserch, I learned we had to have drinks with Orlando at the bar of his name sake at VDS. GOD BLESS THAT MAN. If I were to start a new religion, Orlando would be God. His quick wit and precise pouring prowess was the perfect start to what was to be an amazing dinner. Again, fresh as can be food. Dinner on the sand at VDS was in a word...amazing. It was getting late, so we headed back to CQC for a nightcap and then bed. Did I mention we were on our honeymoon?
More later...stay tuned

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