Rostimex for delicious chicken!

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Posted by Olga and Rick from ( on Tuesday, April 02, 2002 at 18:46:35 :

In Reply to: Re: Trip Report - WE MISS IT ALREADY!! posted by Jerry from ( on Tuesday, April 02, 2002 at 13:51:13 :

YOU HAVE GOT TO GO TO ROSTIMEX! We almost got a bag of this tasty chicken to eat on the plane back to Chicago!!!

It is in Zihua. If you are coming in from Ixtapa, it is two blocks away from the stop where the driver lets you off for EL Centro (the downtown area). The street is Avenida Morelos. Just back track east two blocks. You will know you have reached Rostimex when a) you see the red and white awning, b) see the long lines of nationals buying chicken and c) see the "jugeria" (juice bar or restaurant) right across the street--we forgot the the jugeria's name. The chicken is 35 pesos, it is prepared two ways: regular rotissiere style with the rod going through the chicken and del campo or traditional style. This chicken is split in half butterfly-style and then placed in a basket. The basket then joins other baskets in a ferris-wheel like roaster. We asked the young man which he would recommend and he said the butterflyed-style. He shakes the chicken out if its basket and with special shears, he cuts it up in pieces. He throws it all into a plastic bag, adds grilled onions and ties the bag up and places it in a plastice grocery bag with a little bag of salsa.

But wait, there's more! You have to get the platano maduro asado! This is a sweet whole plaintain that has been grilled. Another young man places the entire plantain on a styrofoam plate, splits it open and proceeds to create pure decadence: he dribbles sweetened milk (leche condensada) over it; he places chunks of strawberry perserves (mermelada de fresa) over that; and then he sprinkles it with ground cinnamon (canela). All this for 10 pesos! Rick and I ordered one each. TO DIE FOR!!!

In addition, you can get mollejas (gizzards), alas (wings) and patitas (yes, chicken feet!). They also have turkey legs (piernas de pavo) but we did not see any cooked ones at the time of our visit. Be prepared to stand in line and withstand the heat! Since they have two sets of huge roasters going, it is HOT! The poor guys behind the counter are literally bathed in sweat! Also, be prepared to wait. The woman in front of us had ordered 5 whole chickens!

Once you have had this chicken (or two or three!), you will want more! If you get a chance to go, let us know how you liked it! Have one chicken for us!

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