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Posted by Cathy in NY from (?) on Wednesday, April 03, 2002 at 09:58:42 :

Trip report:
Ixtapa-Zih 3/16-3/25/02
Left home at 3:20am heading for LaGuardia Airport for our 6am flight. Arrived at 4:45am to wait in the longest check-in line in recent memory. That was ok because we were finally going to reach our destination. Ramon's part for his boat was safely tucked away in the check-in luggage, and I thanked someone from the board who suggested that was the only way to transport it. On to Atlanta/Mexico City and finally arrived in Zihuatanejo at 5:10pm. Off to Pacifica/Ixtapa where we met up with the kids who left Newark Airport later than us, but arrived a couple hours ahead of us. We are back. All is well. Life is good. First day/two we settle in and unwind at Pacifica. We go into Ixtapa to look around - the addition of a Domino's Pizza was a letdown, but I'm sure some people are thrilled. Sunday night/St. Patty's we head into Zih to meet Ramon. After far too many margarita's at Ta-Ta's I find myself calling for more "musica" and dancing by myself and swinging a very small Mexican man in circles/swing-style. Enough of that for my family and they whisked me away. Oh, well, I am Irish after all, and what could be better than celebrating on the waterfront in Z! Monday night we went to Daniel's for the board party and met some very nice people. Mary from DC and her sister and brother-in-law, Capt. Ed, Phil from Toronto and his wife, the New Zealand photographer who just did the book "memories of Mexico" - can't think of his name right now, also Pam and Rick, John and Linda and I apologize for leaving out other names, and yes, Judy.
Tuesday we did LaRopa, had lunch at LaPerla, saw Mary from DC, and walked the three million stairs up to Sotavento for sunset. Love that view, and wanted the kids to see it.
Wednesday more R&R and then back to Z to meet Ramon for a sunset cruise from Z over to Ixtapa Island and back. Got off the boat at Puerto Mio, had a drink there and walked up to Casa Bahia for dinner. Love that view. Had the best tuna w/sesame and spoke to Walt who said Will is expected back mid-April if all goes well. Thursday was roadtrip to Barra de Potosi. Spent the day eating, drinking, swimming, and walking the beach. Bought the obligatory beach jewelry from the ladies. Friday morning took a ride to Troncones (Ernie's "map-quest"). When I return I promise to spend more time at the area where the restaurant Los Angeles is - beautiful spot. The road back out to 200 is everything you would expect. Friday, more lounging, swimming, eating, drinking, getting easier each day. We say our goodbye's to the wonderful beach staff at Pacifica because on Saturday we move to Madera. On Sat. morning we check-in with Roberto at Brisas Del Mar - more beautiful than I remember. Has a little bar now on the "sunset deck" and the Oh La La restaurant on the beach is under a new name. Settled in and did more relaxing before walking into centro around 5. It's the beginning of a huge Mexican holiday week and there are hundreds of people milling about the plaza (basketball court) plus two weddings almost back to back at the church. It's always great to spend an evening watching everyone having a good time near the waterfront in town. Sunday morning (Palm Sunday) I look out and yet another cruise ship is in the harbor. Third one now this past week/couple of days. I can hear a band playing from my deck at Brisas del Mar and head into town. The band was on the pier and was greeting each "shuttle" boat from the cruise ship as they unboarded and headed down the waterfront. It was very funny - hope those people appreciated it. The band played on for a couple of hours. Sunday afternoon we said goodbye to the kids as they sadly got into a taxi for the trip back to NY. We walked to MJ & Ritchies for lunch. More fish. So good. Had the good fortune of seeing a woman who literally "dance(d) like no one is looking." A whole routine. On Madera Beach. Someone out there must have a story - I loved it. Sun. night watched our last sunset, and walked up the hill to dinner at KauKan. Never enough, taxi into town - had a drink at Coconuts where all the Americans were watching the Academy Awards - (why!?). We walked up to the plaza/basketball court and to the bar upstairs (don't know the name) overlooking everything and had the best view of the best possible show in town. The band was playing "Love Me Two Times" by the Doors and everyone was having a great time. Met some people from Canada who were also leaving the next day - we both wanted to cry. So, that's most of it - been home and back to work for 9 days now, missing it so much. I meant to do so many other things while I was there - never met Laura - or Sandy - ended up giving the children's things I brought with me to Ramon, hotel staff, and various children we came in contact with.

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