Trip Report - - Day 2

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Posted by Alex (Alejandra) from ( on sábado, marzo 08, 2003 at 12:40:24 :

Day 2:

Note: to give credit where credit is due, Lalo from Edmonton was the person who recommended Casa Sun and Moon...thank you Lalo.

Took our time getting going in the morning. We had brought along coffee so sat around lazing over that. We decided to again take the seawalk to town so we could see it in the daylight, then from there we would find the market. Well, that was the plan...the only trouble being that I could only find the market via the usual route of four years ago. We wandered in circles for what seemed like a very long the heat of the day, and having had no breakfast. Now, I know we came close but we never did find it. Somewhere in behind the market (I think) we did find a ver good little restaurant, Huaraches de M------ and decided on breakfast there. I had my first ever chilaquiles and they were delicious, "con pollo y salsa verde". We washed down breakfast with a couple of cervezas fria and enjoyed. Reluctantly we left the shaded restaurant and picked up a few groceries at small stalls somewhere in the market area ?), cerveza and rum and headed home.

Had another cerveza to help cool down and headed for the beach. The beach is very quiet and now very clean. We sunned as long as we could bear then headed into the water to cool down, back and forth, back and forth...beach then water. It's a great life! Craig, who apparently isn't a real water baby enjoyed it as much as anyone...apparently he just isn't a "cold water" baby.

Back to Casa Sun and Moon for yet another cerveza, or possibly a rum and coke (who can remember). Craig took his guitar to the lobby area and he and Linda played and sang to the delight of everyone else staying in the place. Everardo joined in. He has a nice singing voice and as it turns out, plays some guitar as well.

I should mention here the other hotel guests: Joy and Bill from Toronto who spend about four months there and have for years, Warner and Emilie from Alberta who were on the same flight as us, Cervantes (a dentist from Mexico City), his wife and in-laws. And there was one other family who's name I never learned as they left the next day.

After playing for a while, and as it was getting late we headed in to Garrobo's (my favourite restaraunt) and it was as good as I remember. Our waiter, Herman, was delightful and the food excellent... I can't get enought of their seafood sphagetti.

A group of three musicians came in and Craig requested they play "Ceilito Lindo", which he had been learning with Everardo. Well, they were so good that first Craig had tears streaming down his face, then Al. I can only imagine their surprise when Craig lept up after the song and hugged all three.

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