Trip Report, Part 2

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Posted by buck from ( on sábado, marzo 08, 2003 at 21:34:44 :

As we were only in Zihua for a week, we basically just relaxed and didn't do much as far as excursions. We have done that in the past and it was very enjoyable, but w/ only a week we spent most of the time unwinding. Cheaper than going to a shrink I always say. Consequently most of my reports will be about restaurants. Highly subjective, JMHO.

And I should mention thanks to Ed from the Midwest, he and his wife were our traveling companions.

Day 2, Sat., Feb. 22
Started out our first full day by walking to town for breakfast. I think the Irma is a great locat1on, we never timed it, but my guess is it's about a 15 minute walk at a leisurely pace (who is in a hurry?).

Stopped at Arcadia, heard good things about it. All the breakfast entrees invovled eggs, we decided to move on (my fault). Tata's was were we ate, it was OK. Then to the Mercado, just to look around and find the guy who rolls cigars. No luck, and headed back to the Irma.

Sat at the pool, nice breeze all the time we were there. While some have mentioned the lack of pool seats in Ixtapa, the Irma was no better when we were there. They need more chairs and loungers! Lunch was good, and waiters are very good there.

Got cleaned up and UP the street to Puesta del Sol nearby. One of our fav places, always good. Best Caesar salad in town, IMO, and the production on the flaming dishes is impressive. Great view too. Nice end to a perfect day in paradise.

Day 3, Sun., Feb. 23
We decide to go to Paty's at La Ropa. Had a nice breakfast and walked the beach. If you have never played Mexican dominos, It's a great way to spend an afternoon w/ friends, enjoying La Ropa. Then lunch, my wife swears Paty's has the best tortilla soup, tho El Burro Buracho (Troncones) and Puesta del Sol are in the running too.

Cab back, this is just exhausting, LOL. Pool time again. Then get ready for dinner. Walk down a few blocks to Dave's, Casa de Viejo, my fav. We meet a group of our friends' family and have a great time. The pork chops are huge, but you better ask what you are getting, they can vary at different times.

Others take off for a place that has a great young singer, supposed to be the next Selina. We trudge back up the hill/street and call it a day. Beautiful one at that.

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