Trip Report - Day 3

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Posted by Alex (Alejandra) from ( on domingo, marzo 09, 2003 at 22:11:27 :

Day 3:
This morning we headed out to Commercial Mexicana, on foot of course and with vague directions from Bill and the information that it was an 18 minute walk. Well, 18 minutes in and we were completely lost and in a residential area. A gentleman noticed us standing on the corner scratching our heads and looking totally bewildered and waved. I went trotting over with my map and he showed me where we were and pointed us in the right direction. Soon this group will take back my navigator papers...I only got us lost one or two more times on the trip so they decided to let me keep them.

We spent quite a bit of time shopping...lots to see, then stopped at their coffee shop for muffins and coffee. As we had lots of groceries we took a cab back to “our casa” - 20P.

After unpacking and snacking we spent the day on the beach, perhaps a bit much sun for this early on. Linda had her hair done in corn braids by a lady named Joanna and I had a massage (my first in Mexico). We were to run into Joanna time and time again, working at restaurants and in a stall on Cinco de Mayo and by the end of the trip had met her family as well.

We came back from the beach and we decided to make guacamole and salsa for happy hour. About then we were asked if we would like to have dinner with the rest of the group at the hotel. Cervantes was celebrating his 40th birthday and had bought and was smoking sailfish and barbecuing dorado. We contributed our happy hour food and joined the party. What fun!

Just a little laugh at of the men had cooked up a fish soup. As I was eating mine I found something white and smooth (looked like a small moth ball) so I put it on the side of my plate. Warner saw it and said, “Oh, you got the eye...its supposed to be lucky”, so I popped it into my mouth, chewed it up and swallowed. Only then did he say, “But I’ve never eaten one”. A good laugh was had by all, me included.

After dinner Craig was encouraged to bring out his guitar and he and Linda played and sang for the next three hours. Craig’s yodelling was a real hit with Cervantes’ German wife and in-laws, and I think he must have done about four yodelling songs. As it turned out, Joy had a very good voice as well and harmonized with Linda on several songs. The evening was an absolute blast! I am sure glad I bullied Craig into bringing his guitar along!

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