Trip Report, Part 3

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Posted by buck from ( on jueves, marzo 13, 2003 at 02:44:53 :

Mon., Feb. 24
We have been down here for several years and have yet to make it to Los Gatos, aways another intriguing spot beckoned us (Troncones, Petetlan, Barre de Potosi) or simply inertia sometimes, but today's the day. Take a pleasant walk to town along Playa Madera, and we ended up at Daniel's for breakfast. It was good and we were off to the pier for a boat to Los Gatos.

Got on the the boat, 4 of us and another older couple. This got interesting, in asking if they had ever been there they said this was their 3rd trip. They were first there on their honeymoon in 1961! Then returned in 1971. WOW, we had to ask questions.

He was a med student, they took a trip to Mexico City for a honeymoon, and heard about Zihua. Not sure how, but I think a friend of his had been there. They rode a bus down, it broke down 3 times, took 14 hours. Once a kid came out of the jungle and cut down coconuts and sold them to the passengers when they were stopped.

They arrived and found someone who would take them to find a room (the wife spoke Spanish). There were 3 hotels they tried, the Irma, Catalina? and another small one downtown. The others were filled so they ended up at this 5 or 6 room place downtown. She said it burned down since, anyone know the name? Does this ring true? She told me but I don't remember.

Anyway, they talked of Coca-Cola bringing a film to town and everyone sat on the dirt street and watched this Coke promo flick, big thing in town.

And they went to the pier, asked someone w/ a boat if they could find a beautiful, private beach. He took them over to Los Gatos, not anything there, just white sand and paradise. She suggested he pick them up in an hour, he said 2, LOL. When he returned, they were pretty much fried.

Next day he went to a store and got some yellow salve that seemed to help. This was before the awareness about sunscreen of course, she said she felt terrible, but the salve did wonders.

Well, I'll end this here, their story is much more interesting than ours, I'll sum ours up later.

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