My Trip to Zihua - Day 7 (long)

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Posted by Travis in Seattle from ( on jueves, marzo 13, 2003 at 19:18:05 :

Day 7 – Tuesday 2/18

So in the last 48 hours, there’s been the missed flight thing, the lost atm card thing, the in-room fire thing, the electricity outage thing, the medical emergency thing, and the friendship on the rocks thing. This morning I get out of bed a bit reluctantly, wondering what variety of anvil will fall on my head today.

Visit from Montezuma?
Hell….skies the limit….maybe the sun won’t come up?

After his tumble in the surf in Ixtapa yesterday, Allen is understandably uncomfortable and doesn’t want to “test” his back today. Since Chad and Kim have never done Las Gatas before, and we had on a previous trip, we point them in that direction with a little advice on how to “run the gauntlet” once they get off the water taxi at the pier. So Allen and I spend a pleasant day on Madera, Chad and Kim have a nice time on Las Gatas, and everyone enjoys a little separation. Along with Allen’s meds—which he seems to enjoy very much—it’s just what the Doctor ordered. Turns out, Allen’s whole semi-paralysis, bad back condition provides for a very relaxing day. I mean, at least for me. It’s not my back. And Allen does seem to be enjoying those pills…

This is as good a time as any, I guess, to mention why I love Playa Madera and even prefer it to La Ropa. Yes, La Ropa has fluffy white sand. For many it’s a “nicer” beach. La Ropa is bigger, with more restaurants and more to do. And I do enjoy La Ropa. But for most times, Madera suits me perfectly. It’s quiet. The water is great. I hear as many people speaking Spanish as English. There aren’t any “roped off” swimming areas which, while necessary on La Ropa, I find annoying. Madera is just more laid back, that’s all. And I, personally, don’t need parasails or banana boats or jet-skis. If you do, La Ropa’s the ticket. I hope both beaches stay just the way they are.

That night we decide to go to dinner at Casa Bahia. Zihua seems kind of busy this week so we call ahead for a reservation. We arrive and have a table waiting for us by the open-air, non-window. Casa Bahia is a really nice restaurant with a “from the other side” view of Zihua Bay. It’s about twilight and the view is magnificent. Perfect. Things are starting to go right again.

(Don’t worry, “Vacation Satan” doesn’t make an appearance, nothing bad happens.)

Casa Bahia is known to specialize in Sashimi so I order it. I think they offer two kinds, I have the pepper-crusted. It is fantastic. And by that I mean this. I’m not a “raw-fish-eatin’-kinda-guy”, but this stuff is truly extraordinary. Tastes like candy. Even Allen tries it and agrees—big leap of faith here--as he grew up in a place where they fry everything. Twice. Allen orders the filet mignon and it too is great (best beef I tasted the entire trip). Don’t remember what Chad and Kim order here, but they seem to like it also. Marry that with some nicely poured margaritas and we’ve all had an enjoyable day followed by an enjoyable evening. Happy, happy.

(Cue Music from on High.)

Tomorrow, we go to La Barra.

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