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Posted by MaryJo from ( on martes, marzo 18, 2003 at 16:41:27 :

I got great advice 6 weeks or so back, and I wanted to share with others who may need to rent a car...
1) I booked a mid-sized car through Alamo. (vans were more than $600 a week, and I really didn't want to pay that) For $410 including tax, this seemed a good compromise.
2) when I got to the Alamo counter, they had my name and were ready for me. I pointed to the picture and asked how much for the van instead? And they let me have it for the same price as the mid-sized car!!! The folks at Hertz still wanted the $600. Ha!
3) DECLINE the insurance and use a platinum VISA or Mastercard. You'll have $50,000 coverage.
4) I thought I was going to have to cash in on the MasterCard insurance, when we put a sizeable dent in the van- the nice man at the counter smiled and said "there was already a little dent there- no problem! We won't charge you anything!"
5)Be PREPARED for sheer lunacy! Streets really are narrow, bumpy and poorly marked. There are no "parking spaces" and sometimes you really don't know WHICH way the street goes, cause people are parked on both sides of the street going the same way. And 75% of the cars on the street are crazy taxi drivers. And be forewarned- after dark there are dogs, goats, pigs and brahma bulls on the loose! I thought Boston was a piece of cake compared to Z!

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