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Posted by Mike in MN from ( on viernes, marzo 21, 2003 at 00:31:28 :

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Liked Zihua a lot. Now we are in Mexico!

Restaurants visited; Casa Vieja twice, La Perla once, Casa Arcadia about 4 times, The Dorado once or twice, Puesta Del Sol, The El Mineras (spelling...I don't know, it's on the Z waterfront, last joint before the bridge to la Madera beach) Pollo Feliz, and a couple Taqueria's (sp) We also made side trips to Petatlan, and the El Burro Burracho in Troncones.

Because we rented a car, it was easy to pick up and travel wherever, whenever.

Petatlan was kinda dull, but Troncones was well worth the trip....if you wanted a deserted beach. We walked the entire length of the beach (2-3 miles?) and met a total of 10 people...3 couples and a family of 4! Had a great lunch at El Burro Burracho of Tortilla Soup, and fish sandwiches (fresh Tuna) fries, chips and salsa, a little guac, sliced onions, lettuce and tomatoes, and 4 beers for 218 pesos. The Tuna was wonderful, 3 large slabs on a fresh bun....enough for about 4 adults.

All the food worked. But, there is quite a price difference depending on where you go. It ranged from pathetic ($$$$) at the Dorado (breakfast 160 pesos + 15% mandatory tip each) to "almost free for you, my friend" at the Taquiria's (3 tacos for 10 pesos) beer 10-15 pesos.

Our favorites were the little joints off the beaten tourist path. Normally not a problem for us gringos, but we did stop at one joint where we felt uncomfortable, (Sanka something) so we just moved on to the next stop...all we wanted was a cold beer after shopping in their version of a Wal Mart (Centralia Mexicana sp??) but the Sanka wasn't that interested in taking my cash, so we moved a couple of doors down and we had a great time at the La Curve. Got beers for 12 pesos, and that included a free taco with each beer. La Curve, located right next to the main bus terminal on Hwy 200, behind the "Wal Mart." Plop down on one of the stools and chat, smile, drink, eat, watch the world go by! It's a busy corner!

We had gone shopping for a styrofoam cooler...they wanted 78 pesos for one...."I don't think so, I'll just use the garbage can and fill it with ice." Lesson...get a foldable/packable cooler for the next trip.

Here's my next lesson....I have driven on Mexican vacations for about the last 10 years without incident. Z driving is generally very EZ...except downtown, where it is quite a challenge because there are no straight/square blocks... everything loops around, back and forth, E, W, N, South...who knows which direction you're heading. In typical fashion, there is that challenge to find the little hidden arrows giving the direction of the one way streets. I ventured off the main drag in front of Chez Pauls, down 1 block (no arrow) took a left one block, no arrow, and came back out to the main drag again, where there was a policeman screaming furiously at me. No arrows, except that big one right next to him, and me going against the good, gringo. He sent me down the block, where his partner in crime was waiting. I was ordered over, and he proceeded to go off on me for my infraction. He (???) spoke no English and I spoke no Spanish. He ended up with my license, and ordered me to "park it!" After an eternity of fear, a family appeared and explained to me (in very broken English) that the prick wanted 50 pesos. He ruined my night for 50 pesos. At the time I would've given him the 2000 pesos I had in my billfold, just to get away from him.

Lesson: Wrap 100 pesos around the drivers license, just in case you have to produce it for anyone.

That's it for tonight. The boss needs the PC.

Mike in MN

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