Maybe I should call this Trip report #3

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Posted by Mike in MN from ( on viernes, marzo 21, 2003 at 18:23:40 :

In Reply to: Just back.... posted by Mike in MN from ( on jueves, marzo 20, 2003 at 17:03:57 :

Well, just got back from reality...first day back to work....and it's cool, damp, and gray with a light rain. Yep, reality can slap ya.

We really liked the Casa Vieja. 2 evening meals ( 9-10:00 PM) Very nice people, relaxed, comfortable surroundings and great food. First trip, I had the BBQ'd ribs, and my wife had the large shrimp kabobs. Chips, salsa, split a Caesar salad, 3 beers, and that cute little shot of Kahlua and Coconut. 388 Pesos. Stuffed, fat and happy...and perhaps a bit jazzed up, because we left and I forgot my beer sleeve. ("can cooler") Went back 2 days later and asked if they had it... "of course, here you are!" Amazing. Mucho Gracias! I was pretty attached to that Big Johnson Motorboating can cooler. Second meal we split the Sailfish pate, the Caesar salad, the ribs, Key Lime pie, coffee, and again that cute little bump of kahlua and coconut. 258 pesos. Happiness. The food is wonderful! Next came the quick trip to Puesta Del Sol for a Kahlua and creme and Coke (Coke??) yep, "No problem, senior!" Nice view, and had a nice conversation with Eduardo...Eddy. The 14 year old going on 30 something....Quite a conversation with him. I think he liked my wife...but, he was fun to chat with.

Another lesson I learned was the easiest method to call home. I thought the cell phone would be the answer (my daughters ATT works fine) but my Verizon was no good. So, we tried using the Ladatel, and figured out you need a special credit card to use it. Next question...Where do you purchase that card? We went back to the "Wal Mart" (Centralia Mexicana) and traipsed all over the store looking for the cards. After plenty of "deer in the headlight" stares, we were directed to the farmacia....OK, that makes cards at the farmacia. Silly me! Once we got the card, it worked really EZ, just slide the card in, get dial tone, dial 001 + your ten digits, and the phone at home was ringing. The phone's display counted down (in minutes and seconds) the amount of time remaining on the 50 peso card. Amazing. 5 pesos a minute. Cheap, too.

OK, out of thoughts for now....Just dreaming and I think I'll go out to the MLT travel website to see what kind of deals they are promoting....maybe we could find a special to Z...... ;>

Mike in MN

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