We'll call this Trip report #4

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Posted by Mike in MN from (c-24-118-218-216.mn.client2.attbi.com) on sábado, marzo 22, 2003 at 01:21:27 :

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I have to spend a few minutes talking about our restaurant experiences on the downtown Z waterfront.

We went with a restaurant list culled from these pages. Many opinions, lots of advice, yays and nays.

Give me a beach bar, a palapa, plastic tables and chairs, maybe some music, a waiter who pays attention, can make fun and speaks English. Like most everything else, we threw all ryhme and reason to the wind and went with instinct, and a cheap pocketbook. My theory is: why spend 29 pesos for a XX, if you can manage 2 X 1 for 20 pesos? (that's right, 10 pesos apiece) So, down the walk we went, comparing prices and beer availability. Some didn't handle Dos Equis..."sorry, you've just been eliminated"...on to the next stop. ("But Senior, they are serving smaller beers!" Yaaa, sure, you Betcha!)

We ended up at Casa Arcadia (next to the last restaurant on the waterfront) with Luis, or designated waiter for the next 1/2 dozen stops. What a character. Lots of fun. He gave us his full attention. We always got the happy hour price, and he made sure everything was right. Everybody was happy. Tipping in Mexico has a positive effect.

Fresh Salsa, always great. Didn't have to ask. 2 Bloody Mary's and 4 Dos Equis at breakfast (noonish) I loved the Bloody Mary's. My wife nursed hers. Translation: I gulped mine down. My wife had Mexican eggs, toast, bacon, and I had a steak Tampiquina (SP) (sauces, rice, veggies, guac) Great lunch for 174 Pesos.

The following day we went back for more of Luis' royal treatment and had the established Bloody Mary and 2 beers apiece. I had the garlic chicken w/veggies, rice, guac and Mary had 6 beautiful deep fried shrimp with the fixins' (it was her choice to have them deep fried) They were perfect. Mary was questioning the freshness of the shrimp, so Luis said "No problem, I'll go get them." Sure enough, he came back with a plate of fresh, raw shrimp...ready to cook, complete with heads on...layed out on display for my wife...Miss queasy wasn't sure about the heads, but she got over it! Another super meal for 190 Pesos....We are really happy! Just what we were looking for.

Everything we tried at the Casa Arcadia was wonderful. We coul've eaten there all week.

My mouth is watering just thinking of it. I could gulp a Bloody Mary right now......

Mike in MN :>

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