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Posted by Laura from (dsc02-mpi-ca-1-214.rasserver.net) on domingo, marzo 23, 2003 at 16:47:37 :

Hello everyone!

I'm finally able to sit after back surgery and will wait no longer to announce on here and even in the midst of all the troubles in our world to all our english speaking readers this great news!

We of the poblado de La Barra de Potosi (we are 500)are now officially a Private Non-Profit Organization stemming from the Children's Library Project of La Barra de Potosi! We are named Ninos Encantados de La Barra de Potosi.

Thanks to generous donations (many from this board!)we have a building to house the library and computer center, aids to the schools and teachers, workshops we organize with our visitors etc, etc! I will be returning on the 5th and then we'll be putting many hands to work on the building.
My personal computer happened to have died just before I got our internet site up but I am working on getting another one up soon and the address will be barradepotosi.org.

There you can read all about all our projects including our educational activities, support for the schools and the library, health clinic and our small business enterprizes designed to keep the local fishermen families here (and making use of all kinds of local, federal, and international government and non government funding)and thriving in their own culture and working on a unique mix of a dynamic interchange of local and visiting cultures... a true eco-tourism as we can best envision it. Please join us. I'll try to keep us informed on here of all our activities such as our collections of school supplies and clothing, medical supplies, books, and workshops. We are now in the process of forming a sister city relationship with a California city including other activities such as doctors without borders working with our local doctors, free shipping of donations on airlines such as Alaskaair (under negotiation). Our focus will always be on honoring and protecting the unique and precious quality of life we enjoy in La Barra de Potosi. Please join us with your ideas and talents in making a different kind of tourism. We would be thrilled to have you make your visit the special gift you are capable of making it be for all of us together.

Many thanks to all who have participated and all who will come to join us.
Hasta pronto,

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