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Posted by Tracy from ( on martes, marzo 25, 2003 at 16:18:51 :

The anxiety has been building for months as our day for departure finally arrived. 27 of us traveled to paradise, some for the first time. In hindsight, I wish we could have arrived during the day so that the first time vistors could soak in the beauty of Zihua/Ixtapa. But we are here and of all the groups the last two got the "red" light. Our bus had NO cerveza!!!! so, a case was purchased and we were off to the Radisson. Check in was much smoother than our previous visit and we noticed some very nice improvements. We ordered Dominos pizza and just relaxed by the pool. Ooh Paradise...
Our first day found all of us just relaxing in the pool and ocean. Some parasailing was done, as was much drinking....The kids were in heaven -- first thing in the a.m. (daily) found the words, is the pool open yet mom? Breakfast first (Capri's across from the Radisson was very good and reasonable). Supper found us all at Frank's. Very good. Some ventured home and some to Senor Frog's. And quite the Senor Frogs!! The stories the next day were quite entertaining. "There was this hat and they hit you on the head, you do a shot, suck a shot from the waitresses mouth, she put my head in her chest, grabbed my nipples and then grabbed my......" Oh Senor Frogs
Day 2 Many are really lounging today as the night was rough on them. More swimming. This was the day that one of the guys decided to play the waves on Ixtapa. NOT a GOOD IDEA!!! He was beat. He could not get back to shore as hard as he tried. He panicked. Luckily we were also parasailing and the boat was there. They hauled his fanny into the boat and let him catch his breath. They brought him in closer to shore and he looked absolutely whipped. Quite a scary experience for all of us. Tonight we went to the Marina. Up to El Faro for drinks and a chance to take in the beautiful view. We split up tonight---those of us with the children went to Buccenero's. The kids all sat at a table next to the water. They saw some crocodiles. The mariachi band came through and played some music -- I believe it was "Zihuatanejo". The kids were in a trance and quiet. WOWOOWWOWOW
Day 3 Golfing for the guys. Shopping in Zihua for some women and children. And of course more swimming. The pool at the Radisson was great for them. We tried to pick a spot that was out of the way of people so as not to bother anyone too much. But, then what is a pool for but to have fun in and swim...Tonight was the Fiesta at the Dorado. An exceptional event. It is quite exciting to see all the hard work they put into setting up for the Fiesta. My niece was on stage to pick the numbers for the drawing, my sister and spouse were up there for the "el toro" dance as were my children and other nephews for the dancing. My husband and I were on stage for the "balloon contest". And what a sight that was---VICTORIOUS!!! a mexican fiesta record 16 seconds (how many times has he said that) we or I jumped on my husband and he took me down on the stage to smother me with kisses. (Naturally my children said that was there favorite part of the trip!!!) It was great great fun though. The food was fabulous as were the drinks.
Day 4 Fishing. Two boats headed out to sea. I don't recall all that they caught, but they did have a great time and caught many a fish. Our ocean boy who struggled the other day, also struggled today--a little sick on the boat. Wish they would have thought to drop him off and have him catch a cab back to the hotel. I'll have to remember that one. Again, shopping, swimming and relaxing. Tonight, we go out to Carlos n Charlies. Another fun night is had by all. Found out that I can absolutely NOT hula hoop. We had most of our group on stage and all took turns trying out the hoop. How do they do that, I know I used to be able to hula as a kid.... It was quite entertaining though. The kids had fun playing at the v-ball nets and dancing on the stage.
Day 5 Swimming Again. No wait, today we travel to Las Gatas Beach. What an adventure this was today. We head out to the Zihua Pier. 30 pesos each to travel in the boat--first boat---one of the guys steps in wrong and hurts his foot (after we return to the states he finds out he broke his foot in two spots) We really didn't mean to laugh. He also breaks his glasses and gets lotion or sand in his eyes. Yeah, we laughed. We find our spot with Franco and he takes wonderful care of us. Lunch was spectacular. A feast for 25 fresh fish, lobster, shrimp, chips, dip, fries. Excellent!!!!! The snorkeling was ok. They said there are more fish at Ixtapa Island. I thought Las Gatas Beach was a lot nicer. Its all in a persons preference. It was a great day though. Some did the banana boat and the jet skis. The kids saw the parakeets and little turtles. Fun Fun Fun
Tonight we have Dominos again by the pool and call it an early night. The "adults" go out to eat at ???? they took the trolley up the hill to eat. They went there last time too and absolutely loved it.
Day 6 Swimming and shopping. Sounds monotonous, but that is why we vacation to relax. My children parasail today (the parasail guys did quite well with our group!!) One wanted to, one didn't, They both finally go and naturally want to go again. :) Tonight we dine at Rafaello's. Another excellent meal. The kids want to go to Senor Frogs since they didn't get to the first night. Yes, vacation is definately an educational experience. If you recall my earlier remarks about Senor Frogs and the Hat. "Mom, what is grandpa doing?" hahaha The guys that didn't get the hat, last time, got to do it this time. Then the waiter came through with shots for the kids---They loved it, they had their eyes blindfolded and drank away. some looked like little birds opening their mouths. So that the women don't feel left out, they have the "chair on stage". My sister went first and had a bartendar jump on her and grind and do a shot. "What are they doing mom". Of course, one goes they all go, my mother-in-law, mom, all my sisters. It was a riot. Part way through, about my mom's turn, they picked people from the audience to do the grinding---my dad got to jump on my mom. Of all nights to leave the video camera in the room. Never again will I do that. We laughed all night. As Senor Frogs started to get busier, it was time to get the kids out of there...I gather up 8 kids and off we go in a horse and carriage ride back to the hotel. Across the street from the Radisson to have 8 ice creams and a drink :):):) The other parents partied on for a while longer. It was a Great Night.
Last day. Swimming one last time. Walk the beach. The girls have their hair braided once again. It was a great trip again. We didn't get to the Zihua restaurants. It seems like there is not enough time to do everything one wants to do. We had no bad experiences w/food. The people were fantastic. Zihua/Ixtapa are fantastic. I can't wait to return. The girls are already talking about next time. Until then.....

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