Day 4 (better late than never)

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Posted by Alejandra from ( on jueves, marzo 27, 2003 at 01:22:34 :

This is really late as our computer has been down for over a week.

Day 4

Breakfast at home this morning, fruit plates and goodies from the bakery. After breakfast we walked into town to check out Rick’s Bar as Craig and Linda would be jamming there in the evening, and Craig wanted to see what equipment there was …mikes, amps, etc. We sat over cervezas until Rick came in and I introduced Craig and Linda to him. I have no real idea how long we were there but long enough to not only have a few cervezas but for me to sample their black bean chili…it is excellent!

Headed back to our beach with just a little stop at one of the beachside restaurants for more cerveza (it was a particularily hot day, what can I say) and a snack of ceviche, fish tacos and guacamole…very good and our waiter, Jose Luis was such a sweety. Spent the rest of the day on the beach, flipping, dipping, and frying.

Back to Casa Sun and Moon to freshen up and then on to Rick’s Bar, accompanied by Joy and Bill. What a great evening! Shortly after we arrived and as Craig and Linda were setting up, a man, carrying a quitar and his wife came in and quietly sat at the table behind us. I have no idea how long Linda and Craig sang and played but they were in fine form and extremely well received: lots of blues(Linda sings these incredibly – such a little lady with such a big voice), some country, and of course Jimmy Buffet’s Margueritaville. Joy played the gut-bucket, as did Rick. When they finally took a break and came back to the table, Craig said to the fellow behind us, “Your turn.” The fellow said no way could he play after hearing them. At this point they joined us – Roger and Darlyne, cruisers from a 38 foot sailboat named Waltztime. Craig convinced Roger to come up on stage with them and play, which he did. I think Rick joined in for a while as well and it was lots of fun. We parted ways later with plans for Craig and Roger to get together on Monday so that Craig could give Roger a bit of a lesson.

Home along the beachwalk (we love this walk) and a late dinner of pork chops, beans and bread.Another great day and evening in Paradise!!!

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