Prologue and Day One

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Posted by Bob in Eugene from (?) on jueves, abril 03, 2003 at 12:21:24 :

Prologue: We, Sue and Bob, have been going to Zihuatanejo for spring break since about 1983. Probably been there about a dozen times. Our daughters, Meghan and Anya have made the trip the past 8 years or so. For the past several years, our friends Dave and Karen and their kids Lindsay and Brian, both now in their 20ís, have joined us. A friend of my youth, George, has a joined us several times, as well. Last year we met friends from Portland, Vic and Nancy and their son, Chris, who, coincidentally, has become an item with my daughter Meghan.
This may sound like the basis for a soap opera, but itís not. I just wanted to let you know who the players are as the trip report plays out. I promise to try not to make it like one of those Christmas letters we all despise, you know, the type that make constant references to people you donít know, and could care even less about. OK, so much for the disclaimers, now on with the show.

Day 1, The Travel Day:
As we are flying out of Eugene, the only time we can leave and still get into Zihua the same day is 5:30 a.m. So, up at 3:00, and the airport shuttle arrives right on time at 3:45. The chickens havenít even thought of getting up yet. Noticeably more security in the Eugene Airport, with open suitcase searches and chemical analysis. Understandable, since the bombing in Iraq had started the day before. We never even considered not going. Flights pretty uneventful, arriving on Alaskan Air in Zihua about 4:00 p.m. Hallelujah, got the green light. One surprise, the official at the immigration desk wanted picture IDís of all of us. Since the kidsí passports were expired, weíd brought their birth certificates only. Finally, Meghan found her driverís permit, and he let us go, but itís something to remember if youíre traveling with kids. When we departed the aircraft we noticed the weather was cooler than usual, but very nice. We saw Octavio, the Sotavento shuttle driver, and were whisked away to La Ropa. Thanks largely in part to info gleaned online, we knew about the construction next door, so were able to change the last 7 nights of our stay to the Catalina, but we had our first two nights at the Sotavento. We really love our favorite room there, and the view is spectacular, but the place was like a war zone with the construction. The noise of equipment was constant until after 6:30 each evening, followed by blasting of rock for the next dayís excavation.
We met our friends on the beach, had a quick swim, and made dinner plans. Wandered over to Patyís Mar y Mar, and had dinner, 400 pesos including tip for four of us. Sue had a great tuna steak, and I had a great bowl of ceviche and tortilla soup. Best ceviche that I had the whole trip, with a little orange juice for flavor. Back to the room to read books (Iím finishing a Maeve Binchy novel, and then on to real beach reading) and enjoy the now-serene view of the bay. Our friends Dave, Karen, and Brian arrive on the big bird manaÚa.

Tomorrow, Game Day!

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