Trip report, Day 2, Game Day

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Posted by Bob in Eugene from (?) on viernes, abril 04, 2003 at 13:25:57 :

Day 2, Game Day

Got up late, around 9 a.m. Had woken up earlier, at 7, but heard construction noise outside, and was in denial. Went out on the terrace to see first hand. That loud, droning internal combustion sound was a couple hundred horsepower generator. It ran all day. I counted 40 workers. A bunch were erecting rebar, but several were pouring concrete. There was a 1/3 yard cement mixer running constantly. Mix was dumped into one of two fairly small wheelbarrows and rolled a couple hundred feet up a hill. Another worker shoveled it into a 5 gallon bucket. 3 others passed it by hand down into a hole where it was dumped, one bucket at a time, into a concrete footing form. No wonder they estimate two years for construction of this facility! At 12:30, we wandered down to La Perla for lunch. Some very good chicken fajitas and a few cervezas later, we assembled in the sports bar to watch our beloved Oregon Ducks go down in flames to Utah in the first round of the NCAA tourney. We ran into our old friend Ed, a Portland resident, who was, unbeknownst to us, finishing up traveling for 3 months in Mexico. Small world, as we would continually be reminded during our stay. Spent some time chatting with Don Francisco, who admitted he’d been pulling for our Ducks, certainly good politics with a dozen or so Duck fans in attendance. Took a swim, and greeted friends Dave, Karen and Brian who had just arrived. They had an interesting trip down, and Karen may have something to add about that, but be gentle, she's never posted before.
In the evening, we wandered down to MJ and Richie’s for a purported board gathering, which didn’t seem to be happening. We never saw Buck, who I heard was there later. We did run into Les, an expat living in Zihua. He owns a small guest house and an English/Spanish message board and website. We walked to town down the malecon, which has been upgraded with new lights and better pavement. On the way to Tamales Any, we passed Daniels and said a quick hello to Judy, who I’d never run into before. Dinner at Tamales Any was, as usual, good and cheap. I love their pollo verde and puerco rojo tamales in banana leaves. The banana leaves keep them moister and add an interesting, tea-like quality to the flavor, and, at ten pesos each, they are the bargain of the century. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it in on a Thursday, which is pozole night, and when they put on a show of traditional Mexican dance and costumes. Walked back to the zocalo. There was a celebration at the basketball court for Benito Juarez’ birthday, and live, homegrown music was happening. Back to the Sotavento for a Cuba Libre and some reading before bed. Tomorrow, it’s off to the Catalina!

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