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Posted by Bob in Eugene from (?) on lunes, abril 07, 2003 at 12:04:48 :

Day 3, Moving Day

Today, we move from the Sotavento to the Catalina. But first, Sue and I walk to the Comercial Mexicana (about 35 minutes) to pick up some supplies. Walking around the CM is amazing. They carry everything, appliances, baked goods, groceries, snorkel gear, toys, furniture, clothing… It’s a far cry from the old Super El Globo across from the mercado years ago. We stock up on water (the ten liter bottle for 19 pesos is easily the best deal in town), beverages and snacks, including some great Oaxacan string cheese. We taxi back to the hotel, check out, and discover that our good friend Raul’s brother Antonio is stationed at the hotel today. We pull our stuff together, and he hauls it over to the Catalina. We are greeted in the reception by another old friend, Celso, who used to work the desk at the Sotavento, and by Senora Eva, the owner. The room is very nice, smaller than our Sotavento room, but very clean and bright, with a great view down La Ropa beach. And the sound of the surf seems to drown out the construction down the beach. By the time we hit the beach, it’s 3 p.m., and we have chicken fajitas and ceviche at Elvira’s. After a couple hours of arduous loafing, we return to the reception to meet our friend Raul, and his wife, Irma, whom I’d called from Oregon, letting them know when we’d be arriving. Sue is very excited, because she’s giving them a handmade quilt she’s been working on since early February. It’s beautiful, and they are surprised and very pleased. We make arrangements with Raul to take us to Barra de Potosi next Tuesday in his taxi. Then, it’s off to the Sunset Bar to plot our evening. Part of our extended group heads down the road to Il Mare for Italian food. The rest of us head down the beach to Rossy’s. Dave, Karen, and I order the seafood platter, with lobster, shrimp, snapper, calamari, and octopus. Quite tasty, and plenty for three people. At 1000 pesos including a tip for six of us, it’s our most expensive meal so far, but excellent. On the way back up the beach, we see thousands of tiny lights in the surf, plankton that resemble little blue-green stars lighting our way home. A magical evening, indeed.

Tomorrow, a Day of Surprises!

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