Trip report, Day 4

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Posted by Bob in Eugene from (?) on jueves, abril 10, 2003 at 12:55:54 :

Day 4, the Day of Surprises

We seem to be slipping into a routine. Got up about 9 a.m., read for a while, wandered down to the beach about 11 a.m. Breakfast at Paty’s. I had excellent chilaquiles con pollo with green salsa, probably the best I had on the trip, but not for lack of trying others. Settled into the palapa in a reading/swimming/snoozing mode. Anya met up with a friend from Eugene and boogie boarded practically all day. Again, we met at the Sunset Bar for dos por unos, and several of our group (before the drinks, even) saw whales breaching way out in the bay! We’d planned to head down to La Perla for dinner and Academy Awards, but the Los Braceros bug bit us, so we headed for town. We really enjoy the food there, and we usually order a few entrees and share, Chinese restaurant style. I don’t even know how to describe the meals they do at Los Braceros, sort of Mexican food tepanyaki style, cooked on a big flat grill. The portions were somewhat smaller this year, or maybe we’d ordered double portions in the past, so we ordered some more, but it was very tasty. Then, off to Banditos to watch the last half of the Academy Awards on their big-screen TV, with postres and drinks.

Taxied back to the Catalina and had two more surprises! Our friend George, who lives in Santa Cruz, CA, and has joined us many times in Zihua, had had to cancel last minute due to a knee injury. But, lo and behold, there was George waiting for us in the Sunset Bar. He apparently decided that he couldn’t live without us and came anyway. And, while we were talking to George, we saw the blue waves! Sometimes, when the bioluminescent algae reach a certain concentration, they will light up the waves like a fluorescent light, kind of bluish white. Apparently it only happens on moonless nights. We had seen this phenomenon a few years ago. Absolutely breath-taking. How can it get better? We’ll see tomorrow.

Off to the pink bakery in the morning!

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