Trip report, Day 5

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Posted by Bob in Eugene from (?) on lunes, abril 14, 2003 at 19:13:40 :

Sheesh, everyone's so grumpy! Maybe we all need a couple day's supply of trip reports to take us all back to paradise! Here goes.

Day 5, Market Day

We got up earlier today, no easy proposition, while the kids slept in. We walked to El Buen Gusto for pastries. Less than 50 pesos for pastries and coffee. The lady there, one of the sisters who runs the place, remembered us from last year, probably because we left her a bag of chocolates. We did so again this year, thus guaranteeing she’ll remember us next year. Having our time to ourselves was good, because Sue wanted to go fabric shopping and to the mercato, and the girls have no patience for that. I, however, am fully capable of finding a cool spot and an even cooler beverage to meet my needs during these forays. Took a look for Rob, who didn’t seem to be in yet. Lupita wasn’t in her dress shop, either, so off we went. After some asking about sewing stuff, we found a notions shop, but no fabric, and we really didn’t know the right word for fabric. Then we found a shop a few doors down from Glob’s Café that had a few bolts and we discovered the word “telas” for fabrics. In the Mercado, Sue bought a colorful, large-brimmed straw visor and, while Sue took pix of dead chickens with heads hanging off the table, a man from a pork stall came out and made a pig’s head look like it was talking to us. Very funny.

We found a huge fabric store a half block or so north of the Mercado, but it didn’t have the types of bright cotton prints that Sue wanted for quilting. Our shopping done, we taxied back to the Catalina for another relaxing day of reading and boogie boarding. At least relaxing until we discovered that the water was full of jellyfish, apparently blown in by the stiff breeze. The kids headed for the pool.

Dinner tonight was at La Casa Vieja. We had the full grupo of eleven tonight. Two other groups there had birthdays, and we all sang along, so we decided “What the hell?” and told them it was our friend George’s birthday, as well. No one was more surprised than George, but he played along. The dinner was great. I had a tuna steak with an incredibly tasty guajillo sauce, not too spicy, but very flavorful. After dinner, and the compulsory round of “Chaluas”, some of us walked back to the Catalina, while others taxied up the hill. I walked down to the beach seeking more “blue waves”, but only got a glimmer. And so ended another rotten day in paradise.

Tomorrow, we head for La Barra

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