Trip Report, Day 6

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Posted by Bob in Eugene from (?) on lunes, abril 14, 2003 at 19:18:18 :

Day 6, La Barra Day

Through our friend Raul, we lined up 3 taxis to take us all, El Grupo Grande, to Barra de Potosi. Raul, his brother Antonio, and another driver named Nereo picked us up at 10 a.m. for the day trip. I know, I know, we missed the fun of public transport, but with 11 people with varied expectations and physical abilities, this was easier. Plus Raul, who is a great guy, speaks excellent English, and always takes us to see a little village, or farm, or some extra attraction along the way. We had a great time. Stopped by to see Laura to discover that she was recovering nicely from back surgery. We did, however, get to visit her husband Noyo, who filled us in on some details about the library project, etc., and we left him with some books, pencils and art supplies that we had brought along. Roma, who is the owner of La Terresita, the restaurant where we usually eat and hang out, is apparently very involved with the project, as well. We especially enjoyed showing our friends Vic and Nancy and their son Chris la Barra and introducing them to pescado in talla, a mackerel rubbed with achiote and other spices and grilled to perfection. Served with tortillas, tomatos, avocados, etc., to roll together into an incredible meal. Before lunch, however, we took the lagoon tour with Orlando, the lanchero who does the tours. It was a windy day,and the water level was low, and some of us got out to lighten and help push the boat. I got my Tevas stuck in the sand, and was greadually sinking, unable to free myself, when Dave and Anya came to my rescue. After lunch we sat and enjoyed the cool breeze and rustling of the banners, and wished we could can the feeling and pull out a little when we need it back home. One the way back, Raul detoured to show us a man making adobe tiles from clay dug on site, somewhere near Los Achotes. He let Meghan make one, and she did very well. After the tiles are formed, they are allowed to air dry, and are then fired in big ovens heated with burning coconut shells. Upon our return, the kids are hungry, so we make a sojourn to Café Marina for pizza, which was excellent. It had fresh tuna and shrimp, and they have an incredible chipotle sauce on the table that I’d love to have the recipe for. Very flavorful, and somewhat spicy, but not so spicy that you can’t use a bunch on your pizza. One of the best meals I had on our trip. Another day gone. Tomorrow: A trip to the artisan’s market.

p.s. Raul doesn’t work daily anymore, due to a bad back, but he does do day trips like to La Barra and Troncones. He’s a great tour guide. I’d be glad to publish his cell phone number if people are interested in getting in touch with him.

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