Trip Report, Day 9

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Posted by Bob in Eugene from (?) on viernes, abril 18, 2003 at 12:16:35 :

Day 9, the Last Full Day

A day of favorites for us. We got up and headed to El Buen Gusto for a last pastry run. The woman there, one of the sisters who runs the place, was happy to see us. We had left her a bag of chocolate hearts last time we were there, and she told us that her children had scarfed them down. They had the usual assortment of little ham or tuna stuffed pastries, pan dulces, etc., but, que lastima, no donuts, and Anya was disappointed. We played a game of peekaboo with a young rascal who was there with his mom. Everytime we’d look through the window glass at him, he’d run and hide, then pop up again with a big smile. I tried to snap his picture, but to no avail. Finally, when we left, he waved goodbye and said “adios”. Off to Glob’s to get huevos revueltos con tocino for Anya, then to the public market to buy a few last items.

Then we headed for the Marina building, behind Café Marina, to buy some colorful Oaxacan cats that Sue had seen earlier. At the Embarcadero, I talked to the owner, Natalia, and she told me that the shop has been there since 1979, and that her mother, Helene, had started it. I told her that I remembered her mother well, and also that I remembered her mother was a good friend of Ted Tate, author of "Wash Gently, Dry Slowly". She used to sell his books in her shop. Natalia said that she recalled Ted Tate quite fondly, and that he’d written several English-language articles about the town and about their shop. We bought a few more gifts, and then taxied back to the hotel for our final afternoon on la playa. As we had prearranged, our friend Raul and his wife came to visit us on the beach at 4 p.m. Raul’s wife Irma surprised us with a large tub of her homemade guacamole, and we visited for quite a while.

After one last sunset with dos por unos at the Sunset Bar, we decided to head down to La Perla for our last dinner. The food was great. I had a tuna steak about 2 ½ inches thick, and several of our party, including Sue, had coconut shrimp. A fitting last supper, indeed.

On the way back up the beach, the kids were convinced they could see phosphorescence in the waves. Speedy trotted along happily beside us. Then, oddly enough, we ran into several quacking ducks in the surf. They seemed to be calling us home to Oregon. Who’d a thunk? Anybody know what kind of duck that is? They had a long body, like a cormorant, but were larger and quacked like mallards.

Tomorrow, time to get packin’!

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