Trip Report, the Epilogue

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Posted by Bob in Eugene from (?) on lunes, abril 21, 2003 at 16:56:09 :

Zihuatanejo, The Epilogue

Just a few parting thoughts:

Prices: While the dollar vs. peso exchange was slightly more favorable than last year, we felt a significant increase in many of the restaurant food prices. The food was great, but you might want to budget more for it, or plan to spend a few more meals at places like Tamales Any or Los Braceros to balance that out. We were firm about what we were willing to pay for lodging, and were able to keep the costs pretty static there. I think that tourism is off enough (based on our conversations with taxi drivers, clerks, etc.) that some places are trying to make up for it by raising prices, but my concern is that they may price themselves out of the market. Only time will tell.

My beach reading: This year I read “Shark River” by Randy Wayne White, two Laurence Shames novels (“Welcome to Paradise” and “The Naked Dectective”) and the latest Hiassen novel, “Hoot”, which is written for younger readers, but which we all enjoyed. I love reading books about steamy, tropical places when I’m in paradise.

Best meal: Tough choice, how about a toss-up between Tamales Any, La Terrisita in La Barra, La Casa Vieja, and the pizza at Café Marina. Loved the view from La Casa Bahia.

The cooler water: We swam less because the water was so much cooler, but it was really nice having the air cooler, as well. Could have done without the jellyfish, though, although I know from experience that the abundance of them is an unusual phenomenon.

The construction at the Sotavento: We appreciate the heads-up we’d gotten on the board regarding the extent of the noise at the Sotavento. We have always really liked the place, but were really glad to have made other arrangements this year.

Tipping: Thanks to those who suggested tipping maids daily. We’ve had the same maid for years at the Sotavento, and have always brought chocolate and other gifts to leave daily, and left a tip at the end of the week. But this year, being at the Sotavento, we decided to leave a tip (and a few chocolates) daily, and this helped to make sure it got to the right camarista, but also ensure us a daily supply of towel animals. As for the taxis, the fare was always the same for around town (25 pesos) and sometimes we tipped, and sometimes not, and the reaction from the drivers was, by and large, the same. I’m always of the opinion that one should tip when in doubt, because a few pesos is more significant to folks living down there than to us.

Finally, trip reports: I haven’t done trip reports before, but, emboldened by the laudable efforts of Travis, Curly, and many others (you know who you are), I decided to attempt to return the favor. It has been fun sharing our enjoyment and love of the Zihuatanejo area, but I think the biggest benefit to me was keeping a diary. Each night, as many others have no doubt done before, I finished my day by reliving the highlights. It’s amazing all the things you remember while swinging in the hammock late in the evening that you might have not remembered a few days later. Whether I choose to do another trip report in the future, I think I’m hooked on keeping a travel diary, and would suggest you try it if you haven’t already.

So, fellow boarders, it’s your turn next. Until it’s mine, I thoroughly look forward to reliving your trips and hearing tips that we can use next time. That’s really what these boards are all about.

Hasta luego!

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