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Posted by patricio from (sttlnas69poolC212.sttl.uswest.net) on domingo, mayo 04, 2003 at 16:50:53 :

Just returned from Zihua and would recommend three interesting things to do:
1. Order chilaquiles at MJ and Richies on Madera beach - those were the best of several restaurants our group of 5 tested.
2. Go to La Ropa Popular clothing store next to Central Mercado and buy a Guayaberra Mexican style shirt - then go out dancing, it attacts compliments from senoritas, makes tequila taste better, plus it looks great with lots of pockets to keep stuff.
3. Try out a great Italian restaurant called
IL MARE on the road from Madera Beach to La Ropa beach. Owner/Chef Fernando is as Italiano as the food itself esp the linguine with seafood; coupled with incomparable view of harbor from the hill perch - it is simply to die for.

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