FORGET the Alamo!

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Posted by MaryJo from ( on jueves, mayo 08, 2003 at 03:08:17 :

After my pleasant trip to Zihua in March, I posted a very fovorable message regarding Alamo car rentals. At the time, they WERE polite, friendly and gracious. I expected a bill for $410 for a week of van rental. Imagine my surprise when the MasterCard statement finally came 6 weeks later and reflected a charge of more than $1,100! Apparently, I WAS expected to pay for fuel and damage, even though I didn't sign any agreement like that when the van was returned.

Gratefully, I was advised to use a Platinum credit card with insurance protection. I'll keep you posted as to how it turns out!

But a friendly word of caution to other gringos... get a copy of your contract before you leave with the rental, and be sure they give you a copy of the final return agreement when you bring it back.

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