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Posted by texsurfer from ( on viernes, mayo 09, 2003 at 16:47:47 :

In Reply to: surf and kids posted by Rob from ( on jueves, mayo 01, 2003 at 17:02:47 :

Rob - I've been going to the Zihua are for surf for 20 years with and without the family. My suggestions if you really want to catch some good surf while going to all the effort to get down there would be.
#1- Rent a car or hire a local driver to get you to the best and most consistent surf. It's not cheap, but if you want to really surf and get the most for your money and time you'll need wheels.

Lodging - If you're wife is ok with laid back, fewer touristas, beautiful uncrowded beaches I'd go ahead and stay at one of the (Air Conditioned) B&B's in Troncones. They're very quaint and beautifully done and most come with a cook. You'll have (beach break) surf right out your front door and there are several excellent point breaks within a 15-30 minute drive. You'd feel much more like you're on a surf trip if you stay in Troncones over Zihua or Ixtapa. I've met families staying in Troncones with young kids and they've all enjoyed it.

If your wife would feel more comfortable in a more developed setting I'd choose one of the nicer properties in Zihua along playa la ropa. The beach on la ropa is only bodyboardable, but it's a one of a kind setting where you can really relax and feel like you're defintely in a special place. It's usually mellow and quiet, but only minutes from all the fun in Zihua. The left at Las Gatas is within walking distance, but it's only breaking when a storm is just offshore, when it breaks it's many of the locals favorite.

I've seen several posts that suggest you stay as close to the rivermouth at Playa Linda as possible and walk or taxi over there. I personally don't think that's a wise way to spend your money if you're taking the family. I've caught it really good there and I've caught it full of crap coming out of the river with freaky cloudbreak closeouts that send on a 45 minute scramble to find your way back to the takeoff spot. I'd check it for sure, but I wouldn't count on it for my answer to surf on a Mexican surf trip, with or without the family. If you're going to slip away for a
morning or evening session you might as well slip away for a session at nearby spot that offers the chance at much better quality. Again, I've caught playa linda great so if it's you're only option it aint a bad one by any means. Just be prepared for some possible down sides to the spot.

So to conclude I'd say that no matter what--rent a car or hire a driver with renting a car being my first choice. Get all the surf spot info with directions to the spots that you can before you go and take you're own board if you can. Read, read, read...(driving outside of town is easy and safe during the day, not recommended after dark, read up on all the laws and regulations). I have the name and phone number of a local surfer that drives a cab and he'll be more than happy to take you to any spot for a half or full day. He'll show you the paddle out spots and get you there in a hurry.

Bottom line in my opinion is Troncones is going to feel much more like a real surf trip in a really friendly, safe, even romantic, quaint village. Zihua is busier, but very much real Mexico, Ixtapa is mostly a pre-fab Americanized mega resort.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Keep Surfing

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