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Posted by Zihuateco from ( on lunes, mayo 19, 2003 at 09:31:19 :

As usual, another great stay.

The line at LAX was a bear. An agent told me tht we could not use the web check in and that we had to stand in line. This line was the longest I have seen in my 11 years flying to Zih. My beautiful wife Sandra gave me one of those looks, you want me to stand in this line with these 3 huge suit cases. Yeah, stand there and watch the bags while I fix this. 4 minues later I pull Sandra and the bags out of the line and off we are to check the bags. She is asking me how I did it, I told her not to worry.

We had the good fortune of sharing the flight with 13 guys headed to Torncones for a Bachelor Party. Drunk and loud is an understatement. Though I did hear some new good jokes.

We land 20 minutes early. Straight to a cab and off to the Barcelo. We love the Barcelo. We have been staying there for 11 years when it use to be the Sheraton. Many might argue that staying in some resort is no way to get a true feelling for the region. I disagree.

We see all of our friends then we are quickly whisked off to see EL Tigare. El Tigare tells us how happy he is to see us, but sad that he didn}t have time to prepare us dinner. We tell him not to worry. Then here it comes. Gucamole, totopos, salsa, cold beer and two huge cocteles de camarrones. El Tigare just smiles as he hears us smacking our lips and burp our gratitude to the great chef he is. As ususal, el Tigare asks us what we want for dinner the next day so that he can go to the market to purchase whatever he might need. We tell him no, whatever you have will be great.

We see more friends then we are off to see the Laker game. We had three great years.

Friday morning, wake up about 7, off to the ocean for some swimming.

Earlier I mentioned three huge suit cases. We brought down 12 pairs of tennis shoes, 36 hats, 20 dress polo shirts, outfits for kids, Nintendo games, soccer uniforms, shin guards and practice soccer balls. Oh I forgot - our two bathing suits and a couple of shorts.

We spend the day distributing gifts and making the plans to visit the soccer team Sat am. We head to Zihuat Friday afternoon to see more frinds and leave off gifts. We stop by and see Rob then off to Albertos for my customary beer, rocking chair and mezcal.

Saturday am. the big day. Off to see the kids to present the uniforms. I am walking through the lobby with two huge bags. Taxi to La Cancha La Hacienda de Coacuyul. The soccer field is unbelievable. The kids are there taking practice shots when they see the taxi. They run to the taxi with biggest smiles I think I have ever seen. They shake my hand, hug me and welcome me to their field. The field is unbelievable. Two immaculate fields with small bleachers dead smack center of a coconut grove. The local press is there and so are some of the boys fathers. They come by and tell me how grateful they are and that I will always be remembered by them and their families. We open the first bag. The kids start to scramble to grab a uniforms. The coach yells at them to get in line. they quickly form a line and I am asked to distribute the uniforms to the kids. Talk about a great feeling. We pose for pictures take some practice shots then the kids head home. My friend el Pato and the coach Sr. Solis invite me to go eat. No problem. We head off to Netos at Playa Las Pozas. Las Pozas is right next to the airport and is absolutely beautiful. No one around for miles. I have a huachininago mojo de ajo. It was incredible. After lunch we spend the next two hours touring Coacuyul. They took me to see some dancing horses and some cattle they are raising. Sr. Solis has me pick out a cow and he quickly tells a ranch hand to mark it for me. They scrawl my name on a cow. The cow is now mine. They have me promise them that we are going to have a huge party upon my December return, if you haven{t figured it our, guess what we will be serving, my personal cow.

All in all another great stay. I still need to head to Barra to see Laura and leave off some gifts for her project.

I need to give a special thanx to those of you that contributed to the soccer uniforms. The smiles and hugs from those kids are priceless.

Photos to come upon my return to LA.


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