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Posted by Rayleen from (?) on martes, junio 03, 2003 at 13:18:17 :

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I just spent 9 nights and 10 (almost) days in Zihua at a great out of the way place called Casa Escondida. Close to EVERYTHING, it is located in the Playa La Madera area. Not fancy, no TV, pool, or ac; however you’re in Mexico do you reeeeally want to watch TV? You’re a 30 second from a beautiful beach and bay access, do you reeeeally need a pool? You’re out and about all day and have wonderful bay breezes at night, do you reeeeally need ac? I walked everyday, absolutely everywhere and I have some mobility difficulties…..from the Mercado, to the artesian Mercado, to the pier, AND covered many, many, neighborhoods. The people who operate it are incredibly warm, helpful, Claude’ (female) speaks five languages, Les speaks at least two, probably more, they both are fluent in English AND Spanish AND best of all are great tour guide. I spent many hours walking with them asking “what’s that?” and not only receiving the an answer to my questions, but getting background so it was all easily understandable. I HIGHLY recommend it. Great great place to begin to know Mexico!

Based on my stay with them…………….I rented and apt and am moving down at the end of the month. Always wanted to…was hesitant…not anymore! Can’t wait to learn more about the people, the culture, everything about Zihuatanejo and these two lovely people are just the teachers I want!

Their website is:

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