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Posted by Heather from ( on jueves, junio 26, 2003 at 10:43:54 :

In Reply to: More about Villa Carolina posted by jvpv1 from ( on miércoles, junio 25, 2003 at 23:37:32 :

Villa Carolina looks like a big orange house behind a big wall, which made me nervous at first because I don't like compounds....BUT when you walk through that front door it's gorgeous! Like a lot of the people who wrote to me about VC, we were the only ones staying there our first night, and I thought we were the only ones for all three nights until I met someone at the airport that said they were staying there, too. It's VERY quiet. You feel as if it's your own person amazing home.

The mastersuite looks exactly like it does in the picture, but BETTER. The living room is so well done. My husband and I fought over who got the hammock every day...and there are these lights hanging in giant balls from the ceiling that are so pretty. The jacuzzi is small, and shallow and a little disappointing at first, but by the second night we were happy to have it and found ourselves in it a lot - to cool down. (IT"S HOT!) The bedroom is HUGE and it has a sunken area where the TV is. VERY NICE. And like I said, they have video's in the office. The bathroom is clean and pretty. The ONLY problem was there was a strange smell in the bedroom....slight....but it was there. So we bought tons of candles in town and that took care of that. The flowers on the bed were very romantic. And the windows in the bedroom are large and wide and open up over the pool and out to the ocean.

There is a slight ocean view from the bedroom and the living room...but it's still beautiful - you look over the trees and the flowers and the tops of homes and then you can see the ocean - not the beach, but the waves in the distance.

We never ate from the hotel, although I did see a couple eating at their table near a pool (Gardensuite) but it looked like they only had appetizers and beer. We had just come back from Las Palmas and we spent so much time on their grounds we wanted to get out a little bit, that's why we never ordered in. The room service menu did look good and the prices were affordable. I couldn't figure out where the food was coming from, but it LOOKS like the housekeepers had a room below us and they probably cooked there. (Just a guess) I wouldn't worry about it, the place is so well maintained, I'm sure the food is good and safe. Like I said, we bought a few items at the Commercial and that tide us over for breakfast and snacks.

There's a VERY nice kitchen in your room - with oven, dishwasher, everything including plates and pots and pans. AND a coffee machine. We never saw housekeeping, but when we went into town they cleaned the room AND washed the dishes, so that's why we never had to use the drops....but we didn't really cook that much so there wasn't much to clean.

You are walking distance to all the restaurants on the beach - very close to Patsy's (We didn't go) La Perla, and a few others. We did go to Villa Del Sol and it wasn't half as expensive as Kal Kan - Not sure how to spell that place, KK is this BEAUTIFUL restaurant on the side of the cliff. It was the most expensive place we ate and unfortunately the food wasn't very good. Maybe we didn't get lucky that night.

You can catch a cab at the bottom of the hill (by VC) between VC and Villa Del Sol to go into town. It's very easy and there are always plenty of cars.

Anything else?

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